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Liquid Steel - Fire In The Sky

Liquid Steel
Fire In The Sky
by V.Srikar at 17 November 2014, 5:29 PM

When all the traditional Heavy Metal bands come with their new albums, there is always a sense of nostalgia about the old bands and the older albums. Some bands even in this day and age have succeeded in creating that old school Tradition Heavy Metal sound adding a touch of modern feel to it. LIQUID STEEL to start off with, I thought was a weird and an interesting name, as Metal is mostly positioned as Hard and Steel, courtesy MANOWAR, JUDAS PRIEST, etc. Speaking of their debut album I got some mixed feelings in here.

The album starts off with a short intro named “A21375”, with some weirdly sounding 48 sec track which I think wasn’t really required. “Fire In The Sky” shows the first real sound of LIQUID STEEL. Its got lot of Power Metal style sound going on there, though technically this might be classified just as Traditional Heavy Metal. “Scream In The Night” shows what the talented guitar duo Julie and Ferdl can bring to the table. The riffs are rhythmic and are easy on the ears like you expect from this style of bands. “Riding High” sounds like a great Heavy Metal anthem with the anthemic screaming vocals and great riffs to back them.

The title track “Liquid Steel” goes on the same lines and takes a little longer time to get that positive feeling in you towards it. “Samurai” starts off with some bantering in Japanese before going into the usual Heavy Metal sound, has some good headbanging riffs and has lyrics all about Japan and the Samurai fighting heroics, sounding very much like a Power Metal song. “Oceans” is just a mediocre instrumental song and mostly disappoints for me here, but has its moments to captivate you. The main reason it disappoints for me here is that its main riff has been used so many times in those Power Metal and Viking Metal bands, it just doesn’t give a good impression of a new band.

The band tries Thrash Metal with “Speed Demon” and surprisingly it’s impressive with all those fast paced riffs. The band almost sounds completely different with this song, actually bringing more variety into the album, thumbs up!  The album finishes off with a 7 min epic song “King Of Avalon”. Starting off in low tempo with instruments like flute and low pitch vocals before turning into an anthemic song. The band couldn’t have ended this album better.

Though there are moments of some same old riffs and monotony, the band tries to reinvent itself time and again, like the last song. I get a feeling that the band is still trying to find its sound and this being their debut album, any mistakes are understandable. But if you’re a fan of Traditional Heavy Metal and Power Metal, you should dig these Austrian Metallers.

3 Star Rating

1. A21375
2. Fire In The Sky
3. Scream In The Night
4. Riding High
5. Liquid Steel
6. Samurai
7. Oceans
8. Speed Demon
9. King Of Avalon
Julie – Guitars
Fabio – Vocals
Ferdl – Guitars
Martin – Drums
Dominik – Bass
Record Label: Scream Records


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