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Listener - Being Empty: Being Filled

Being Empty: Being Filled
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 09 February 2018, 11:50 AM

When we deal with some Rock ‘n’ Roll bands, me must have in minds that this label is extremely ample. So into this diversity, you can find more and more genres as time passes by, because people’s musical creativity is endless. The North American trio LISTENER seems to be one of these bands that aren’t waiting for something new, but do something new. Listen to “Being Empty: Being Filled” and draw your own conclusions.

You can feel some Stoner Rock influences coming from the instrumental tunes, but as well, extremely accessible melodies fill their songs, with a vocal that speaks the lyrics in a way similar to what we are used to known from Rap and Hip Hop. No, the trio is not a Funk O’Metal or Rapcore band. It’s just Rock ‘n’ Roll, with different influences from what we are used to hearing, with a good technical level (but not as exaggerated as you can think), just that. But it is truly personal and good.

“Being Empty: Being Filled” has a good sound quality. In some moments, the tunes of the musical instruments are crude, on others, more polished. But the aesthetics used made the sound quality sounds as simple and organic as the band needed, but with a good level of clarity. Yes, you can hear and understand what they are playing without difficulty..

The album has 10 very good songs. It’s amazing how they can sound accessible and nasty at the very same time in many moments. Songs as “Pent Up Genes” with its fine and charming melodies, the bitter and introspective energy of “Little Folded Fingers”, the seductive tempos and fine bass guitar and drums work presented on “Add Blue”, the abrasive and heavy aggressiveness of “Shock and Value”, and the raw energy of the guitars on “Plague Doctor” can be named as their best moments on the album.

They are a good band, and their musical work is truly good and funny. Take a listen and be hooked by them!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Pent Up Genes
2. Little Folded Fingers
3. There’s Money in the Walls
4. Add Blue
5. Bloodshot/New Love
6. Shock and Value
7. Window to the World
8. A Love Letter to Detroit
9. Manhattan Projects
10. Plague Doctor
Dan Smith - Vocals, Bass
Jon Terrey - Guitars
Kris Rochelle - Drums
Record Label: Sounds of Subterrania


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