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Little Caesar - Eight Award winner

Little Caesar
by Kayla Hutton at 15 April 2018, 6:05 AM

LITTLE CAESAR is rock band formed in 1987 from Los Angeles, California. Now I saw the band name LITTLE CAESAR and knew I had seen it before. No, I'm not talking pizza. I'm talking about the 90’s. Back in the day of print media magazines like Metal Edge, Hit Parader, and Circus *side note* Yes before the internet we read print magazines *end side note* I remember seeing a promo for LITTLE CAESAR's album “Influence”. They were one of those bands that didn't take at the time and honestly forgot about. Despite having first appeared on a Metal Blade compilation, being signed to Geffen Records, and having Bob Rock as a producer. It just wasn't their time. Glam rock was fading out and grunge was taking over. The vocalist isn't singing pretty, it's dirtier and gritty. The music is more classic rock sounding then generic bubble gum rock and at a time when kids wanted to wear flannel and feel bad about themselves, there really was no place for LITTLE CAESAR. Now, 2018, there is a perfect place for them.

"Eight" is the bands first release in 6 years and cleverly enough, you guessed it, is their 8th album release. “Eight” opens with straight up, no need for sub-genres, this is Rock 'n Roll. "21 again" is lyrically perfect coming from and pointed towards those of us who know how old we are, but aaahhh to be 21 again. Responsibility didn't matter, you knew everything, you were invincible. The lyrics are relevant today and will be in the years to follow as there are always people aging and looking back at their glory days. The track has some good upbeat pump to it, catchy chorus both musically and lyrically.

The 3rd track, "Vegas", follows suit with the great lyrics. "Too stupid for New York, too ugly for Hollywood." Aside from that lyrical moment, during the chorus, the bass does a nice scale run. Typically you would hear a screeching guitar taking the lead. The bass run was a nice treat that shows these guys definitely didn't belong with the glam bands nor the three power chord grunge scene. These guys can play. LITTLE CAESAR's music can be summed up very easily. It's fun. And this track has that throw back a couple of beers, laugh with friends, spray scantily clad ladies with a hose, drop the tailgate, crank the stereo good times, Rock N Roll.

"Time enough for that" is the ballad of the album. The theme on "Eight" does seem to coincide with the bands re-emerging. "Time enough for that" could be the albums summary. As I interpret it, it is an acceptance of the past and making the moment of now all it can be. Proof even bulky tatted biker guys have heart and are bad ass enough to musically express it. The track isn't the typical grab your lighter and singe the hair off the headbanger next to ya. It isn't a sappy love song either. It's a slower tempo celebration of life's current and passing moments. It's a very real and honest song.

Overall "Eight" fits right in to present day and LITTLE CAESAR gets the moment they more than deserve, yeah so it took more than 20 years, but believe me guys, it wasn't you. It was just the timing. If you are into good time rock music then "Eight" will not disappoint in any way shape or form. It's one of those albums you don't have to skip around. It's solid from start to finish. Not to mention there is a great cover of the MERLE HAGGARD song "Mama Tried."Eight" was released March 2018 via Golden Robot Records so it's available right now on multiple platforms. Hit up the bands website for all the details.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

Overall : 9

4 Star Rating

1. 21 again
2. Mama Tried
3. Vegas
4. Crushed Velvet
5. Good Times
6. Time Enough for That
7. Straight Shooter
8. Another Fine Mess
9. Morning
10. That's Alright
Ron Young - Vocals
Loren Molinare - Guitar, Vocals
Pharoah Barrett - Bass, Vocals
Tom Morris - Drums
Mark Tremalgia - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Golden Robot Records


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Edited 19 March 2019

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