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Livekill - Turned to Grey

Turned to Grey
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 18 September 2018, 3:38 AM

Hailing from South Florida here comes LIVEKILL and their brand new album "Turned to Grey". After listening to this four songs release i can say it stands as Groove Metal, or Metalcore. This band surely must be awesome live for partying with friends and releasing the negative shit of an entire week of work. Carlos Guerreros is quite good for the genre and he can sing his way into clean vocals without a problem. The covert art of the Album is a painting  by Eliran Kantor. Mixed and mastered by Alastair Sims, this guy did a good job and the album sounds very good for the genre. The entire album was written and produced by " John Snell " "Turned to Grey" , (the title track) starts it all, with fast drums and excellent guitar riffing. We are in the Metalcore area. Quite good work. I'm not a fan of the genre but its groovy and made me want to join a virtual pit in my kitchen, moshing like a fool around my laptop. The production is loud as hell, bass and drums are heavily rendered the sound is killer.In your face, they grab a handful of mud and throws it at you and you didn't see it comin'. I liked the energy deployed here. These guys knows how to burst the abcess and still have fun together.

"In this moment reminds me of SLIPKNOT. Nice grooves and guitar parts. The drum is providing great power to the song. The rhythms are really catchy. Its like HATEBREED on speed and just that angry. Not a very much long song but enough to headbang and have fun. "Demons" is quite different. It starts with melodic guitars and a gloomy ambiance. But after less than one minute, Carlos is back and we are renewing the experience. They have a sound and style of their own while sounding like deja-vu. It's a in between dilemma for me. Vocals are crazy, guitar shows different aspects and inspirations, some more color than in the other two songs heard to date. "Shadows" is pretty aggressive and interesting, I can hear "PANTERA" in some way, maybe some PRONG for the bass lines. There is some ambiance rendered by the guitar in the second half of the song, that should be more explored in my opinion, it could make the songs less generic metalcore. Once again the bass is awesome and detonating thanks to the engineer! It sounds round and shows good balance between highs and low frequencies.Quite boosted but it fits the music.

"LIVEKILL" offered four songs that got potential and that are truly catchy.They won't have problems finding fans and give powerful gigs.I wish them good luck and guys you're ready for a full lenght! You just have to put some songs that breaks the momentum a little in order to produce an album thats whole. Keep it up Floridians!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Turned to grey
2. In this moment
3. Demons
4. Shadows
Carlos Guerreros - Vocals
John Snell - Guitars
Anthony Laurella - Drums
Sean Young - Guitar
Record Label: SWOL Records


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Edited 16 June 2019

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