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Living Dead Girl - Exorcism

Living Dead Girl
by John Foley at 15 June 2021, 2:41 AM

Today we have Canadian goth metal act LIVING DEAD GIRL and the highly anticipated release of their debut album “Exorcism” which came out June 11th 2021. This project is the brain child of the bands vocalist MOLLY RENNICK and has some impressive people working on it. Produced by MITCHELL MARLOW (who did albums with the likes of IN THIS MOMENT, ALL THAT REMAINS and PAPA ROACH) and was mixed and mastered by HOWIE WEINBERG (who has worked with METALLICA and NIRVANA in the past). It is a mix of dark gothic music with a fun attitude to it. The album opens with the track “Alive" and it opens with a few bars of a dark but beautiful piano and then straight to this killer groove. The vocals are straight in your face and the vocals here do show a lot of range. There is a big sing along chorus that would really get a crowd going and all this really shows what they are all about and makes for a great opener.

After that we have the song “Beautiful” and right from the start we hit with this really heavy riff to head bang to. The vocals here are an interesting mix but it all works really well, it sort of reminds me of MARIA BRINK from IN THIS MOMENT. It does have this very uplifting chorus though. The lyrics seem to deal with all the pressures that modern society and social media’s put on women to look a certain way where as we should be teaching society that it is ok to be alternative and different. With the vocals and the music it is both aggressive when needed but then softer when needed which makes for a good balance.

The title track “Exorcism” opens with these synth sounds that are mixed with the heavy riffing. As that is going on the song surprisingly switches to a pop punk style chorus, which is really fun, and then back to the heavy grooves. The vocals are showing their full range here as the middle section adds a nice contrast with the vocals and an acoustic guitar. This was a really good song and maybe even a possible radio hit for this song too. The song “Villain” comes across as just a really pissed off song. There are lots of aggression here with guitars and vocal delivery. We get another big sing along chorus with some pretty nice lead guitar work playing a melody during what is a very catchy chorus.

After that one we have the track “Escape” which opens with an operatic piano line as the vocals creep in over it and then joined by the band as they come crashing in. Some dark wave synths play once in awhile in different sections and must be said that the vocal range is shown in full. There is lots of heavy guitar riffing and grooves going on here. When the chorus hits you you can hear that it is full of emotion.

“Worship Me" has a very Nu-Metal style riff that opens the song. The song has a nice flow to it and the theme seems to be bugging yourself up. There are some really great drum work here also and a big nasty breakdown section. The vocal delivery is very in your face but with the song's themes it fits and works really well.

We come to the final track on the album with “Stranger". It opens with a very cinematic intro with strings some vocals as the song plays out as a sort of synth wave pop song of sorts with some very soft singing for the chorus. The song very suddenly switches to those heavy grooves with the guitar work. As the band play the song manages to keep the same melody and feel of what came before. Interesting last song and definitely one that stands out.

From listening to “Exorcism” the band LIVING DEAD GIRL sounds like they could make for a fun live act. The sound is very IN THIS MOMENT meets NEW YEARS DAY. This album is filled with killer grooves and plenty of hooks and big sing along choruses. It is a very modern sound with a dark gothic twist. The vocals really show a lot of range here and they seem to command the songs

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Musicianship: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Alive
2. Beautiful
3. Give Up
4. Exorcism
5. Dirty Liar
6. Poltergeist
7. Villain
8. Escape
9. At The Edge
10. Worship Me
11. Stranger
Molly Rennick – Vocals
John Ellis – Guitar
Jordan Storring – Bass
Ryan Claxton – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 03 July 2022

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