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Loch Vostok – From These Waters

Loch Vostok
From These Waters
by Michael Coyle at 31 May 2015, 11:52 PM

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing what I can only describe as the future of Progressive Extreme Metal, this record has really inspired me, I must say, as I don't see a lot of bands really going into these areas of sound and creativity, but this band has really taken it to that level and even further with this beauty of a record.

Poison To The Stars”: the star off this song alone is impressive to say the least as it boots you in the face with a powerful and well placed anger and force that only comes from a band that has been able to harness those emotions into one go and create something just as this. The riffs that this record portrays are some of the best I have listened to in a very long time and shows that the band have really taken their time and placed the effort to here it needs to be, but one thing which really caught me off guard were the two different tones in the vocal performance that this song shows and I find that there is a great balance in between both vocals as it gives a great area between how the song is growing and building at the same time and this really does pull me in as a listener as it does change things up the best way they can. I need to be serious when I say that the solo this song has is just incredible, it's beautiful and has a tinge of darkness to make the listener choose which way they want to listen to it.

From These Waters”: being the title track of the record you would want it to be something that really represents the record as a whole, in the past I have listened to records trying to represent the title track in their own ways, some have succeeded and some have failed without effort, but with how this song is going for me I feel that they have really thought about this one carefully knowing that this is the badge to their record. I must say this is just beautiful, ladies and gentlemen, it is not every day a growl can be made to sound pleasant but these guys have really taken it to a level where they have balanced things out perfectly and I can say for sure that this is something to truly behold, I have noticed that the band have mixed so many things in with this song that it creates an opera of brutality.

Dead Sea Trolls”: the song opens with a fast, melodic and very well-formed idea which really makes the mind wonder and as well become curious as to what else the song has to offer us as the listener will get what I can only describe as a sonic treat. Though it is a good song there are points which I felt were a tad bit repetitive, though that is normal to find. Even still, the song does take twists and turns when coming through the structure of what this song has as well I feel that the ideas that this record has shown so far are some of the best you will see in a modern age progressive band.

And the Storm Spread it’s Wings”: when starting the song I found that some of the best parts were from the drums and the patterns that had been taken to create the speed and the idea of what this song has to show. It feels that for this song the main thing you hear most, which really stands out, are the drums, just because they really go out there in a huge way showing the furious power that is emanating from drummer Lawrence Dinamarca. Now one thing that also seems to show itself is that the song has some form of two chapters going on here which separate mid song and show a lighter side to the bands' song writing which take a different approach to what we have already heard when listening to this song but at the same time, it shifts to a hugely progressive side both in the bass and guitars which gets really freaky, in a good way; there is certainly chemistry.

To conclude, this is a different sort of music all together, showing elements that create what this band is all about and how they will get things going at that time. It is a really down to earth record and will fit into any collection for any extreme metal fans that are looking for something different and freaky.

4 Star Rating

1. Poison To The Stars
2. I Implode
3. From These Waters
4. Fighting Fire With Blood
5. Lost in Transmutance
6. Dead Sea Trolls
7. And the Storm Spread it’s Wings
8. Sentiment
9. Me Forgotten
10. They Brought the Dark
Teddy Möller – Vocals, Guitars
Niklas Kupper – Guitars, Vocals
Fredrik Klingwall – Keyboards
Jimmy Mattsson – Bass, Vocals
Lawrence Dinamarca – Drums
Record Label: ViciSolum Productions


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