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Lonescar - Lust For The End

Lust For The End
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 06 January 2020, 9:21 PM

LONESCAR is a four-piece Extreme Metal band hailing from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Their special blend of Metal styles mixes Thrash paced riffs with Deep South Texas grooves.  The band currently has two EP’s Bloodluck and More Chingon Than Before which were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. LONESCAR have already performed alongside acts such as SEPULTURA, WHITECHAPEL, HAVOK & DARKEST HOUR

Gluttonous to the Core” is a slower burner to start the album. It does kick in the pace after the minute mark. The tempo here is not what you would expect from the phrases Thrash paced and Groove riffs, but it feels more like a generic Heavy Metal riff, that sort of riff that could be in Hard Rock but because there is a more aggressive approach to the vocals, it fits into the Heavy Metal bracket. The melodies aren’t bad at all, a good heavy hitting beat, but very generic, this song has aspects of sound that you can hear from a dozen bands. “Undead Assembly” continues the feel of styles shown before. The sound like SACRED MOTHERS TONGUE, I had to go far back in the memory bank for that one. The song does not progress far enough for me to notice too many changes of style and or pace. Again, it has the safety factor of a generic melody; I want to hear something new and different.

Means to an End” has the same sort of pace set out thus far, which is a good tempo. It is that sort of song that if it comes on you will not skip because there is nothing wrong with the song, but you may not want to hear much more from this style. It reminds me of a band style you can hear of the likes of Kerrang! Radio. It has a good beat that you may gently bop your head to, not enough to bang your head in places, but they do kick in the higher gears to get the heads moving more. This is what the album needed. “Life is Suffering” unfortunately slows things back down from where “Means to an End” left off, which is a shame. The tempo may be slower but the melody is solid enough, maybe once again playing a little too safe. The expression in the previous song has vanished. As it is a shorter song it would have been a great place to insert a frantic paced song to use a filler from one great song to build another, but they missed that trick and this song does not feel well placed. No changes in pace or tempo, as it is a short song may leave you feeling like this song is not needed.

Revolution Now” is the start that “Means to an End” deserved to follow, which only furthermore backs up my point about “Life is Suffering” being unneeded and could have been different. Although this has a solid start, the safety is still on; they are nowhere near to allowing the melodies to fly off. The pace drop towards the end as the song almost fades out, which is a bit disappointing considering the start. “Self-Led” is placed here very well, but not for the right reasons, it matches the pace at the midway point of the album. You may have hoped it would reignite the spark and sound of the album, it does not. It just keeps the steady flow of sound, which is hard to see as a fault, the tempo picks up and goes a little experimental with the riffs, but not long enough to let the song feel special or different. That being said, on its own it works a decent enough song to have on and not feel the need to skip it.

With Your Martyr Self” starts well, a good pace and tempo, the vocals have some aggression which goes towards building the melodies. Could this finally be the song to progress the album to the next level? Midway through, it feels like being a no. The tempo has died down and has become safe and steady, which is not usually an issue per song, but it is the feel throughout the album.  Which is also the same feel to “For Envy's Sake”, it too has nothing new about it, which has worn thin. “Images from Mauthausen” is the first song on the album they have released as a single, me personally I would have gone for “Means to an End”. This song has a steady beat, but nothing to get excited over, the tempo never really goes anywhere and you are left wondering if the album has just settled on the sound and will just do that and that only.

All is Vanity” has a start which could be described as Groove, but it is a bit slow, if they raised the tempo up a few notches, it would have been fantastic. This does have the second best pace and tempo heard on this album, so it does create great melodies in sections, but the vocals seem tired and let down the harmonies, a bit more passion would have kicked off the sound into great new levels, instead of just leaving to wonder what might have been. “Lust for Her End” is the final song, and I feel that we have already worked out how this is going down. It is a case of sounding basically the same as most the album, and whilst this is fine per song as mentioned before, it makes the album lose depth, volume and overall appeal when listening to the songs one after another

If Dad Metal become a genre, this album will be on it. It has songs which are great when heard separately, but together they blend in too much. The album is not bad, it is just too safe, no risks.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Gluttonous to the Core
2. Undead Assembly
3. Means to an End
4. Life is Suffering
5. Revolution Now
6. Self-Led
7. With Your Martyr Self
8. For Envy's Sake
9. Images from Mauthausen
10. All is Vanity
11. Lust for Her End
Brian Valdibia – Lead Vocals
Michael Perez – Guitars
Mike Gonzalez – Bass
J.C. Hernandez – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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