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Lord - Chaos Raining Award winner

Chaos Raining
by Emily Schneider at 27 July 2020, 5:53 PM

LORD is a Metal band from Sydney, Australia with a 15 year long history. Their most recent full album “Fallen Idols” (2019) was their most successful album so far, to the point that they decided to take a popular track “Chaos Raining” from the album and create a limited release EP surrounding it. The open label of simply saying LORD is a Metal band is about as narrow as you can make their genre because these guys… They play what they like. On this EP, they show off that they not only have eclectic music taste, but that they can also integrate this variety of tastes into their music with ease. (All while still being heavy as hell of course!)  I had never heard this band before so I was certainly curious to hear what they're all about.

The original version of “Chaos Raining” is very ICED EARTH meets early era HELLOWEEN with some Thrash Metal bits through most of it. The chorus is more QUEENSRYCHE vocally and melodically though. I dig the galloping riffs in the verses and the classic Heavy Metal guitar solo in the heart of the track. It's great that the pacing of the song makes it feel so much shorter than the nearly six and a half minutes that it is too.

I went on and listened to the “Extended Mix” of this track immediately afterward. There's a lot more atmosphere in the beginning with a cool, Industrial/Electronic intro. It bleeds into a synth-fueled Goth/Industrial flair that lingers even when the regular song comes in. As a fan of Industrial music, I really enjoyed this new extension of the track. I found it complimented the song and added some extra dimension to this already multi-genred tune.

“A World Insane” once again brings on the mish-mash of music styles with ease. There's elements of  Prog, NWOBHM, and Power Metal blended together until smooth. I love the melodies in this song; they're rather catchy and make you want to bang your head. The solo was killer in this one too. Lots of shred to go around in this song and I'm all here for it!

Overall, this was a pretty great first exposure to the band LORD. An EP isn't normally a place to start, but if this is a taste of what to expect, I'm craving a full dish already. The band seems to pride themselves on genre-bending from what their social media highlights… It's more than correct for them to do so because they really do a stellar job at placing in whatever genre they want into their songs. It's a gift many bands try to do and fall completely flat on their figurative faces. LORD though, they have it balanced to the smallest molecule. This EP certainly seems to represent the quote on their Facebook profile that “a good song is a good song, regardless of genre.” I'm certainly sold with what these guys are creating and I'm eager to check out more of their releases.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Chaos Raining
2. A World Insane
3. Chaos Raining (Extended Mix)
Lord Tim - (lead vocals/guitars)
Andy Dowling - (bass/backing vocals)
Mark Furtner - (guitars/backing vocals)
Darryl Murphy - (drums)
Record Label: Independent


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