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Lord Matzigkeitus – Drown

Lord Matzigkeitus
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 18 September 2020, 12:26 PM

LORD MATZIGEITUS is a solo effort from the man in THE BLACK SORCERY and THE PROJECTIONIST. With very little information on his Facebook page, and no entry in Encyclopedia Metallum, we are going to have to go with just the music here, folks. “Hargalatan” opens the album. It’s a short instrumental with what sounds like fiddle notes, repeating in a pattern. “Manacled “Gaints the Dungeon Wall” is three minutes of chaos…with filthy screams and high pitched guitar notes. There is not much of a semblance of order. The high pitched guitars screech in your ears.

“Cauldron Steeps Befouling” is more of the same…grinding guitars with what sounds like a zombie roaring for vocals. Around the mid-way mark, it slows, to feedback in the guitars and some lower vocals. Then, it’s back to the chaotic sound. “Corruption Disharmonic” brings an actual guitar riff in the opening, with those leads sounding like sheep bleating. Toss in some screams here and there, and some howling winds, and this is what you have. “Drown” is a three-minute blast of guitar, drums and vocals. The production is absolutely dreadful here. There is a very loose structure here…almost none whatsoever.

“Dust Crept Lungs a Sulphuric Acid” is five minutes of more chaos. Those high pitched guitars really grate on your ears and are very off-putting. Some pauses here and there, but this can only barely be described as music. “Voidspeak” brings more of the same. I honestly cannot see how this guy is signed to a record label. I suppose and old school Black Metal label was the way to go, but this music is pretty awful. “There should have been String” is shorter in length, but with no less intensity. The music itself is very dissonant…there is little that matches up. Add in the vocal screams, and it creates something completely useless.

“Still Possessed” is the first song with a change in the opening. You can hear the bass guitar notes underneath some subdued leads, and the song follows a structure…at first. Then comes the chaos…it’s like being in a slaughterhouse and one animal is murdered followed by another. Put in an eight-hour shift, and this is what you get. “Pulsing Absorption of Sickness” opens with a tangible riff, then come she shrieks, and eventually the madness. Overall, I would hardly qualify this as music. It borders on just “noise.” I suppose that was the artist’s intention, but unless you are into old school, low-fi Black Metal, this won’t impress you much.

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 2
Memorability: 1
Production: 3

1 Star Rating

1. Hargalatan
2. Manacled ‘Gainst the Dungeon Wall
3. Cauldron Steeps Befouling
4. Corruption Disharmonic
5. Drown
6. Dust Crept Lungs a Sulphuric Acid
7. Voidspeak
8. There should have been Strings
9. Still Possessed
10. Pulsing Absorption of Sickness
Lord Matzigkeitus - Everything
Record Label: Moribund Records


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