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Lord Volture – Never Cry Wolf

Lord Volture
Never Cry Wolf
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 October 2011, 8:41 PM

It seems that someone has been working hard this year. As 2010 marked the debut release of the newly formed Heavy Metal act from The Netherlands, LORD VOLTURE, the following 2011 won't let anyone leave its outskirts without feeling the band once again. "Never Cry Wolf", promoted by Rock N' Growl, was turned loose into the woods of the Metal world to find more prey with Traditional Heavy Metal rage.

"Never Cry Wolf" presents LORD VOLTURE continuing fight for preserving 80s Heavy Metal. With class Dutch acts in their local scene as the veteran MARTYR, which is still active with old school in their minds even if not in a fuller scale, LORD VOLTURE showed that they are a young band that can go far.

The band's prime gems, also highly noticed on this album, are their twin guitarists, Paul Marcelis and Leon Hermans, that continuously ignite with heart cracking solos that will become a source for air guitars. Moreover, besides the lead section that rocked hard there were some amazing rhythms al'a IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST within the songs along a few declarations of early Hard Rock ("I Am King"). Although some were banal to a certain level, I was satisfied of what I heard. If you were looking for intense soloing and strong riffs, "Never Cry Wolf" can be your friend. The album's production, generally well done, was handled by Yuma Van Ekelen and Bart Hennehopf that insured that LORD VOLTURE will maintain the classic sounds of the 80s.

However, what fairly turned me off in this release was surprisingly the band's vocalist and main man, David Marcelo. This guy is one tough vocalist as he reminds several of classic Metal singers including CAGE's Sean Peck that made a great guest appearance on “Into The Lair Of A Lion”. With his high pitched menace going for glory he had me impressed many times, yet it seemed that in various moments he was losing it. Well he didn't go crazy or something on the set,  but as I was listening I noticed that he sung off key and wasn’t following the vocal rhythms set on the tracks. It can go both ways, also to the direction of the rhythms themselves, but after all Marcelo is a rather experienced vocalist. LORD VOLTURE wasn't his only thing over the years. I believe that if those were wrong notes he should have noticed it. Usually vocalists tend to go off key during live performances but in the studio, it’s different as it should be perfect.

"Never Cry Wolf", even with its primes didn't blast me to bits I am afraid. It is a rocking album in general but some of the songs seemed rather over stretched in their length for no reason. I liked "Korgon's Decent" and "Minutes To Madness" as they showed the fierce power of 80a Metal with the loudness of it all, yet those were in a way longer than should. Those have reached their peak very fast only to go on and on with no point. "Celestial Bodies Fall" and "The Wolf At Your Door" are also tracks that will capture your attention. The former is a maniacal outburst of Marcelis's strong voice pattern.

"Never Cry Wolf" is recommended for all you die hard 80s maniacs. Though typical and has its share of banal works, it is still worthy.

3 Star Rating

1. Never Cry Wolf
2. Taiga
3. Wendigo
4. Celestial Bodies Fall
5. Korgon's Descent
6. Minutes to Madness
7. Necro Nation
8. I am King
9. Into the Lair of a Lion
10. Brother
11. The Wolf at your Door
David Marcelis– Vocals
Paul Marcelis– Guitars
Leon Hermans– Guitars
Simon Geurts– Bass
Frank Wintermans- Drums
Record Label: Rock N’ Growl Promotions


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