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Lord Volture - Will To Power Award winner

Lord Volture
Will To Power
by Dan Mailer at 13 August 2014, 4:57 PM

Dutch Heavy Metallers LORD VOLTURE are a band I’ve been hearing rather a lot about lately, so having been sent their upcoming album “Will To Power” for a review it was definitely time to check them out. With a Classic Metal minded sound and plenty of great songs, I wasn’t disappointed!

Where The Enemy Sleep” opens the album. This song sets off with some nice powerful and deep guitar chords, with a great almost Doom melody, that feels a little melancholic yet sounds epic at the same time with awesome harmonies. The song kicks into overdrive with a really classic NWOBHM sounding riff that feels a bit modernised with some nice technical playing and an energetic feel. The vocals kick in with a nice high range and plenty of attitude and style. The chorus feels really powerful too with nice harmonies and a good melody. This is topped off by some great soloing too, and the song finishes with a really old-school “big finish” as well.

The band sure do have a good sense for blending a really heavy sound with traditional ideas in their songwriting, seamlessly transitioning from heavy chugging riffs to epic harmonised vocals and guitars like in the tracks “Taklamakan” and “My Sworn Enemy” which show their flair for diverse songwriting. “The Great Blinding” was one of my personal favourites on this one, with some great riffs that have a real sense of good pacing to them with each musician supporting the song really well. This song has great feel that is amplified by a great vocal performance.

“Omerta” is another worth mentioning which starts with a cool folky sounding intro before smashing into a nice heavy metal track full of some more great guitar playing. The rhythm section here is particularly tight too which really helps support the overall heaviness, and a chorus that reprises the intro’s melody in a way more metal fashion. “Badajoz (1812)” is also a pretty stellar tune, with some galloping guitars, gang vocals and an overall sort of JUDAS PRIEST feel, but with the band’s own style imbued in it.

The album finishes up with “Line ‘Em Up” which feels like an ‘80s Speed Metal track full of awesome riffage and plenty of energy to finish this release. This is a well performed song with more of what makes this band great; well performed vocals and some great melodic yet heavy guitars.

The production is pretty good, with old school feel presented with clean modern production techniques. The guitars sound nice and heavy but also handle the cutting lead work well too. The bass sounds nice and deep yet gritty too. The drums are a good support to the mix as a whole and the vocals are very well done. There is a guest performance from Chris Poland (ex-MEGADETH) but I didn’t know exactly where it was, whether on a song or throughout the entire material. The band is known for featuring various famous metal musicans such as Jeff Waters so this should come as no surprise really.

“Will To Power” strengthens LORD VOLTURE’S repertoire, with a solid release. This is a band with potential that is clearly putting the work in both live and in the studio, and this album definitely proves that.


4 Star Rating

1. Where The Enemy Sleep
2. Taklamakan
3. The Pugilist
4. Will To Power
5. My Sworn Enemy
6. The Great Blinding
7. Omerta
8. Badajoz (1812)
9. Line ‘Em Up
David Marcelis - Vocals
Paul Marcelis - Guitars
Leon Hermans - Guitars
Simon Geurts - Bass
Frank Wintermans - Drums
Record Label: Mausoleum Records


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