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Lords Of The Tridant - Plan Of Attack

Lords Of The Tridant
Plan Of Attack
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 22 August 2013, 4:10 PM

Having witnessed the crazy on stage theatrics of LORDS OF THE TRIDENT at a few Warriors Of Metal Festivals, I was never too impressed with their ridiculous comedic Metal stance. They played average songs, and with such silly nome de plums and absurd appellatives; basically, they just looked like total goofs. I knew that they had potential, and encouraged them to take their talent more seriously.

I guess they chose to heed the call. However, when I was initially offered a promo of their new (EP), I was not expecting all that much change; especially, since I received the new ASHES OF ARES and CARCASS on the same day, and made those my main focus. Man, was I surprised by their new “Plan Of Attack”! This (EP) is on fire!

Fans of WIDOW, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, ASKA, OMEN, HELSTAR, and other acts that have performed over the years at Warriors Of Metal Festival will sure be pleased to hear the new winning songs which will seize you by surprise. The guitar harmonies are truly splendid. Ty Christian's vocals are clear and crisp, and the production values have upped the ante.

It seems that this Wisconsin act have assumed complete control of their faculties and have opted to releases an excellent Classic U.S. Power Metal exhibition bout. Every song is just astounding! Fans of TYR and newer AMORPHIS will enjoy the skyforged Vikingesque epic voyage of “Song Of The Wind And Sea”, as the LORDS sail free on the seas of Metal.  Promoters of older ICED EARTH, STEEL ASSASSIN, newer ATTACKER, all CRIMSON GLORY, will be prepared for “The Joust”. The fast-paced title-track itself, clearly influenced by RIOT, has a wicked touch and certain sonic suggestions culled from their sophomore outing “Chains Of Fire”.

I am really impressed how they have opted to embrace a strong 80s feel, as well. Fans of the debut by LEATHERWOLF, VICIOUS RUMORS, and 90s era SEVEN WITCHES (all who are currently on tour together) will appreciate this AOR Rockin' feel and flavor.

Thank you Brothers for relinquishing the OTT shtick, and choosing to continue fighting for the love of Metal. Keep those mettle hearts in the fire and those street lights well lit, because like Percy Jackson battling against the mighty Cyclops LORDS OF THE TRIDENT are ready to stick it to you.

4 Star Rating

1. Complete Control
2. Plan Of Attack
3. Song Of The Wind And Sea
4. The Joust
Fang Von Killenstein – Vocals
Asian Metal – Guitars
Killius Maximus – Guitars
Pontifex Mortis – Bass
Korgoth – Drums
Record Label: Junko Johnson Records


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