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Lords Of The Trident - Frostburn

Lords Of The Trident
by Paulomaniaco at 16 March 2015, 8:17 PM

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT is an American Power Metal band formed in 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin whose members go under quite funny aliases (Fang Von Wrathenstein; best name of 2015! - Editor's remark). However with such funny names one would perhaps not take this band so seriously, especially when you take into account the funny clothes and masks that they wear on stage, and one might think them nothing but a joke band - but hang on: Don't judge a book by its cover, because musically LORDS OF THE TRIDENT is a band to be taken seriously!

The opening track "Knights Of Dragon's Deep" speaks not just for itself but for the album at large: In true DREAM EVIL fashion they bring to the table an album with lots of variation, much fun, very good vocals - really an excellent Power Metal voice -, lots of skills, good riffs with lots of solos and overall just a mood-cheering album! "The Longest Journey" is a very catchy song with cool solos and nice tunes; I am sure these guys performing live would be an amazing experience as the music is totally positive - maybe a little like FREEDOM CALL.

"Winds Of Storm" are here and do  get caught in it because it's an excellent song; once again bringing up that sense of DREAM EVIL. On the "Haze Of The Battlefield" there is no room for mistakes and LORDS OF THE TRIDENT knows this very well, using their great melodies to guide their way! Most songs build up quite nicely and follow a similar path, with lots of both technical and tasteful solos - overall just good music to the ears!

Really it all just comes together so well: Like a Medieval Fantasy tale performed at a live theater - to the epic Power Metal soundtrack that is LORDS OF THE TRIDENT's "Frostburn"!

5 Star Rating

1. Knights Of Dragon's Deep
2. The Longest Journey
3. Winds Of The Storm
4. Manly Witness
5. Haze Of the battlefield
6. Kill To Die
7. Den Of The Wolf
8. Light This City
9. The Cloud Kingdom
10. Shattered Skies
Fang Von Wrathenstein - Vocals
Killius Maximus - Guitars
Asian Metal - Guitars
Dr. Dante Vitus - Drums
Pontifex Mortis - Bass
Record Label: Killer Metal Records


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