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Lost Legacy - In the Name of Freedom

Lost Legacy
In the Name of Freedom
by Quinten Serna at 02 April 2020, 5:10 PM

Their first release in just over a decade LOST LEGACY strikes the iron hot with their newest full length release “In The Name Of Freedom.” Here within the walls of striking sound and blistering metal lies the voice of their craft, a grand and multi-faceted tone borne from polemical scrutiny and Heavy Metal.

A powerful sound that could not have emerged from any place other than the East Coast—The Bronx to be exact—the album opens up with an instrumental containing a grouping of non traditional instruments for the genre. The main progression of “Rise To Glory” revolves around a piano narrative supported initially by synth and then organs join the mix transitioning the atmosphere from melancholic and solemn to something much more baroque and gothic sounding by nature. Following ensuite the first song true to the band’s sound is “My Faith” an unwavering declaration of resolve delivered through tireless drums and Heavy Metal riffs. “Front Line” commences with a chorus of marching steps before the band comes in grabbing a stranglehold and completely shifting the soundscape to a classic sounding Power Metal riff; the chorus is a head banging in-your-face progression which seems to transcend its natural confines and pierce straight through your ears hitting your psyche with self-inflicting lyrics.

The title track, “In The Name Of Freedom,” has a minute and 50 second introduction consisting of some of the best guitar mastery found upon the album before shifting into a slower and more delicate delivery for the sung verse, a slow intensity builds up for the pre-chorus hinting at the raw energy that opened up the song and finally returns to the same approach following the chorus leading back into the verse. The narrative of the lyrics tell the story of fighting a war both in a physical capacity on a philosophical front; the motif that freedom has a price is a concept repeat multiple times throughout the course of the album yet comes to significant attention in this song.

The instruments meld amazingly well with one another, each guitar has a voice and character uniquely itself as they’re partially confined to their own channels, yet seamlessly blend with one another as they play the same section. The tone of the strings is brutal and in your face for the duration of the album crafting itself one of the best sounding guitar tones I’ve ever heard, the solos for instance have punch and the perfect amount of reverb to them, they’re the kind of solos that would sound intense and crisp even if there was no band backing their progression.

The delivery of the album is sublime, a unique blend of classic influence and modern approach LOST LEGACY truly shines in music and message on their sophomore album. The vocals feel somewhat distant but the music has an overarching feeling of triumph and change which the vocals also emulate albeit in a slightly different approach. The album is a feature for anyone who was a fan of the band prior, and a great addition to anyone with a penchant towards Power Metal and Heavy Metal.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rise To Glory
2. My Faith
3. Front Line
4. In The Name Of Freedom
5. Take Me Away
6. Enough Is Enough
7. Will You Remember
8. Rules Of Engagement
Jochen Witlinger—Bass
AJ Spinelli—Drums
Jorge Pulido—Guitars
Scott Bennett—Guitars
David Franco—Vocals
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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