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Lost Symphony - Chapter 1 Award winner

Lost Symphony
Chapter 1
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 March 2020, 8:41 AM

From their Facebook page, “In evolution, one species gradually changes into another over time. It retains key elements, while assuming a new form. The evolutionary trajectory of classical music points right to heavy metal. Symphonic bombast, drama, emotion, and virtuosity thrive between guitar solos and riffs in the same way they did when conjured by an orchestra. Lost Symphony connects the missing link between classical and metal. Founded by multi-instrumentalist and producer Benny Goodman, the core group consists of Benny, his brother Brian, Cory Paza, Kelly Kereliuk, Paul Lourenco and Siobhán Cronin, along with a bevy of special guests.

“Singularity” leads off the album. It opens with a bit of an Eastern melody and lead guitar notes. Some piano notes are sprinkled in as well. The lead guitar ventures out as they skies grey overhead. “Premeditated Destruction” features some strings along with a bevy of other instruments to give it a full, rich sound. The lead guitarist here is on fire, and is all over the fretboard like white on rice. “This Life Moves too fast” opens with a mid-tempo swing and bluesy lead guitar notes. Collectively, this band is very strong. The track moves with a synergy not often heard from “projects.” The lead guitarist puts about everything into his performance, including the kitchen sink.

“I Felt a Funeral in my Brain” opens with soft and melancholy string and piano. The lead guitarist pushed an emotional delivery of his solo…it’s quite moving. “Cotard Delusion” opens with heavy guitar accents that hit the ground with force, while the lead guitars build up and down the scale. They meet in the middle together, and continue this poignant dance throughout the song. “Catnip High” is a shorter song with a positive sound. The lead guitars dual in harmony and tear up the fretboard with amazing runs, in a sheer display of musicianship. “In a World” opens with piano notes and solitary lead guitar. It has an air of despondence to it. The drums begin a steady incline as the guitars join in on the run. It waxes and wanes, with again brilliant guitar work.

“Requiem” is over ten minutes in length. It opens slowly and cautiously, but you get the sense that they will unleash the hounds any minute. The piano work in the beginning is fantastic. Did I hear “Moonlight Sonata” here? I do believe that is the main melody here. When the main guitars drop it is a heavy and powerful affair, reminding me of TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. The piano pause towards the end is very charming. “Lacrimosa” closes the album, with a short and tender touch. The guitar solo is quite poetic.

Overall, I think any fan of music in general will find something to their liking on the album, and especially fans of beast mode lead guitars. Nine strong compositions await the listener, and the album as a whole exudes synergy, something that is often not present in these types of projects. The band either spent a lot of time rehearsing, and/or are exceptionally talented, or each of the has extra-sensory perception. I’m not sure which of these are true, but this is very well balanced album.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Singularity
2. Premeditated Destruction
3. This Life Moves too Fast
4. I Felt a Funeral in my Brain
5. Cotard Delusion
6. Catnip High
7. In a World
8. Requiem
9. Lacrimosa
Benny Goodman – Keyboards/Guitars
Brian Goodman – Keyboards/Programming
Kelly Kereliuk – Guitar
Cory Paza – Bass/Guitar
Paul Lourenco – Drums
Siobhan Cronin – Strings
Record Label: Independent


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