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Love.Might.Kill – Brace For Impact Award winner

Brace For Impact
by Daryl Adolph at 10 August 2011, 9:52 PM

I was not aware of this band, and was intrigued by it the minute I was handed it to review.  They call themselves Melodic Heavy Metal… a term that is a very wide scope, but one that will always be the peak of my interest. I know the stellar reputation of their founder… Drummer / Producer God Michael Ehre (FIREWIND / METALIUM / ULI JON ROTH) for a long time, but I could never known about his doings on this project… so now I am going to rectify this by playing the album now.

The first impression was the massive amounts of imaginative and heavy hooks in it.  No matter how you try to ignore it, those wonderful riffs will stay with you for a long time. They are infectious, heavy and wonderful in the name of pure Metal added by an original styled vocalist that sounded like a wonderful hybrid of Dio, Andi Derris and even some Bruce Dickinson as well. Therefore, you get a well rounded band that kicks some ass while teaching you a thing or two.

One big problem with the album - So many of the songs are so fucking good, I will not even attempt to single out a few… so I will do something better. From start to finish, it is a celebration of what Metal is.. Mixing many of the sub-genres that make what modern Metal is today… so almost any fan of the past, the present and the ones that will be fans, would see what makes it so alive. This is an album that transcends it all… and just collectively says one thing loudly and clearly… Metal Rules.

The feeling can't get any more enjoyable while listening to this kind of Metal out of this album does, it is as perfect as it can get as each song has a conviction as well as a watershed of talent.  Got to hand it to Mr. Ehre… you can't fake a talent like this… you either got it or not.  He really has that talent that is so real… and for the Metal world, that is a good… no… That is fucking a great thing.


5 Star Rating

1. Tomorrow Never Comes
2. Calm Before the Storm
3. Pretty Little Mess
4. Caught in a Dream
5. Satan’s Den
6. Through the Dawn
7. Brace for Impact
8. We Are the Weak
9. Down to Nowhere
10. Pray to Your God
11. Reach Out
12. The Answer
13. Will Love Remain
Jan Manenti– Vocals
Christian Stöver– Guitars
Stefan Ellerhorst– Guitars
Jogi Sweers– Bass
Michael Ehré- Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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