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Lowburn - Doomsayer

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 09 March 2016, 7:41 PM

Well, what about some experimental Doom/Stoner Metal in our ears?

Yes, again Finland gives us a band from the style, now with the quartet LOWBURN that arrives with their debut album, "Doomsayer".

What I must say about their work: they are really trying to do something new and different. But I believe that fusing melodic and abrasive instrumental with some melodic and aggressive vocals (sometimes, they got extremely near from guttural) isn't a good way for that. This same experiment was done many times before them, with better results. It's not a matter of how good they are or about their musical personality, but a matter that I heard these same elements many times before. It's good, but not as creative as it really could be. I really could say that they sound as a dirty and nasty version from earlier SOUNDGARDEN works sometimes, but don't take this comparison too serious. As I said, they have a personality.

The sound quality is a bit more raw than the needed.  Of course, that in clean moments you'll understand what they are playing. But in the distorted and aggressive ones, their songs become a bit fuzzy than the needed. Ok, I already know that it's a feature from Stoner Metal, but it could be a bit cleaner and it should fit better than we hear on "Doomsayer".

"The Last One" and its charming clean moments, the noisy and harsh "Soaring High" (even with some melodic and accessible moments), the nasty "Unreachable" (with very good technique, especially on bass and drums), the hooking and savage "Doomsayer", and the good vocals presented on "Moonful of Stars" are their best songs and proofs that they are talented.

 I believe on their work, and let's wait to see what future brings.

3 Star Rating

1. The Last One
2. Soaring High
3. Do Mi Ti
4. Unreachable
5. Doomsayer
6. Running On Fumes
7. Moonful of Stars
8. Powerfreak
Tomi Mykkänen - Vocals, Guitars
Tommi Lintunen - Guitars
Miika Kokkola - Bass
Henkka Vahvanen - Drums
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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