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Lucid Dream - Visions From Cosmos 11

Lucid Dream
Visions From Cosmos 11
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 14 September 2011, 11:01 PM

Every time I hear about a guitar player that forms a band I have a couple of thoughts in mind, one is that it can be a boring fifty minutes of trying to do what only guys like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani can and the second is that it’s gonna be a great album with interesting guitar parts. Furthermore, the main music will be the music itself like some of Malmsteen's records or even bands like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY that even though it’s Zakk's baby it’s not a guitar masturbation band, it’s a great Hard Rock with an amazing guitar player. With LUCID DREAM the second thought turned to be the right one.

Visions From Cosmos 11” is an amazing Progressive / Hard Rock album that sounds like a mix of IRON MAIDEN, RUSH and LED ZEPPELIN. Straight from the opening tune “Holy Rage” you can hear an amazing very ZEPPELIN like guitar riffs and drumming. The vocal work of Alessio Callandriello reminded me a lot of early Geddy Lee with the exception of some “growl” vocal lines that in my opinion didn't fit in this style of music.

From the first note of the record I noticed that this band tried to relive the 80s to the maximum. With the sound, riffs, vocals and of course the reverb effects, the album sounds like a cool 80s Progressive Rock record. For example “Cosmos 11“ sounds a lot like an early IRON MAIDEN mixed with DEF  LEPPARD with JOE SATRIANI on guitar. Yes, you might think it’s a weird mix but this band makes it sound great. The album is very fluent, the songs are well written and it’s just a fun record to listen to, even for none Progressive fan. You don’t have to worry that you won’t be listening to long musical passages in ten different odd time signatures; the album is a very easy listener.

In conclusion, I really loved the album, the guitar work is amazing, rhythm section sounds great, fitted the songs and the vocals are great. The only thing that bothered me was the singer's accent. It’s just hard to understand him sometimes and the fact that even though it's a great album, it’s not very refreshing and sounds too much like an album from 1986.

4 Star Rating

1. Holy Rage
2. Cosmos 11
3. Fallin’
4. In The Moment
5. Night Feel
6. Get Up
7. Underground
8. Sun And Sun
9. Through The Years 
Simone Terigi- Guitar
Alessio Callandriello- Vocals
Gianluca Eroico- Bass
Paolo Raffo- Drums 
Record Label: Independent


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