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Lucifer – III

by Gary Hernandez at 31 March 2020, 9:16 AM

LUCIFER is Heavy/Doom metal outfit hailing from various European countries including Germany, England, and Sweden. They have a decidedly 70’s vibe and lean toward the more popular, and even light, end of metal spectrum. Not surprisingly they have enjoyed wide acclaim. On March 20, 2020 they release their third full-length album, aptly titled “Lucifer III.”

Produced on Century Media Records, the album is exceptionally well mixed. At times, there are some over the top flourishes like the percussion and keyboards on “Midnight Phantom,” but overall there are some outstanding performances on this album. The dual guitar work of Linus Björklund and Martin Nordin provide even keeled riffs as well as exceptionally executed solos. The rhythm section of Nicke Platow Andersson and Harald Göthblad establish the perfect backdrop to Johanna Platow Andersson’s clean, smooth vocals. Put altogether you have a solid roster of talent that complement each other’s style.

Lyrically the tracks come nowhere near the sophistication you get in a lot of metal today. In fact, with some tracks you get the impression that there is a fair amount of affectation going on. “Leather Demon” and “Lucifer” are good examples of this. Lines like “Thunder and lightning won’t keep me from you” (“Pacific Blues”) may repel some serious metalheads, but the infectious riffs and smooth vocals will draw far more in from general Rock audiences. With that being said, I can guarantee you this album will have terrific sales.

Standout tracks are the first three — “Ghost,” “Midnight Phantom,” “Leather Demon”—and the final, “Cemetery Eyes.” While there aren’t any bad tracks per se, there is a fair amount of average. It’s evident that LUCIFER has emerged from the hungry wolf stage and has cleared the sophomore hurdle. They are now working to remain commercially viable and artistically relevant. Along the way they have lost some grit, but they have achieved a consistency that fans can rely on. “Lucifer III” is a good album. Before I received the album from my editors, I had already pre-ordered (and pre-paid) for my personal copy. Trust me, I only pay for things I value. If you like your rock spiked with Doom inflections and 70’s undertones, you need to check out LUCIFER. I recommend starting with “Lucifer I” and working your way through the entire collection. For a quick level up, you can start at the end, but where’s the fun in that?

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9


3 Star Rating

1. Ghosts
2. Midnight Phantom
3. Leather Demon
4. Lucifer
5. Pacific Blues
6. Coffin Fever
7. Flanked by Snakes
8. Stay Astray
9. Cemetery Eyes
Johanna Platow Andersson - Vocals
Nicke Platow Andersson - Drums
Linus Björklund - Guitar
Martin Nordin - Guitar
Harald Göthblad - Bass
Record Label: Century Media Records


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Edited 05 June 2020

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