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Lucifer Jones - Awful

Lucifer Jones
by Mark "The Beard" McQueen at 09 February 2023, 1:16 AM

Lucifer Jones has been evolving for a long time, (having released a number of full length, singles and EP’s since 2015). They are billed as Doom/Punk. Hearing this, I thought what an interesting combination as I tend to think of punk as rebellious music. Generally, the only thing Doom Metal fans rebel against is not having enough weed and Fritos. Track one, (Hallows Eve) though definitely came out of the gates in a manner that was very much Doom. Slow rhythm, very heavy, fuzzy tone but clean vocals. At about the 4:30 mark the pace picked up and the vocals became something more akin to a Death/Doom style (meaning no longer clear). Still, this was interesting music and I looked forward to hearing more.

Track two, (Awful), opened up the punk aspect. Still dipped in the Doom style, this song was punchy and the beat was distinctly more Punk aggression flavored. Again, this combination seems to work for them. No one ever expects chili powder and grape jelly to make a great BBQ sauce, but it happens that way. This is kind of the audio equivalent. Devil in the Details, and Storm Warning continued in that slower heavy vein. This plodding pacing, (favored by Doom Bands and Michael Meyers), lumbers on steadily. Songs range from four to ten minutes, (again a very average Doom length), allowing listeners to really sink into the slow methodical mood. Doom/Stoner fans love that stuff. Traces of Black Sabbath, or Electric Wizard can be found on the Doom side of Lucifer Jones while the punk side is a little harder to define but is necessary to give them their separate stand-alone personality. Storm Warning finishes with about 30 seconds of formidable fuzzy bass heaviness that would make Geezer Butler smile.

Vocally Aerik Von actually makes me think of Zak Wylde on some of the slowest Black Label Society numbers. Totally different genre, but vocally there is a definite resemblance in their voices. The album ends with Chestnut Ridge Road which (although not my favorite song on the album), best exemplifies the dual styles of Lucifer Jones and would be my pick to a listener if they were wanting to get a rounded complete idea of what this band is reaching for and only had time for one track. Awful, (in spite of the name), is actually a good album and worth a spin, a stream or a purchase for fans of Doom Metal who also crave that touch of something extra to give it a unique flavor. Think Pineapple on your pizza.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hallows Eve
2. Awful
3. The Marriage of Heaven
4. The Devil in the Details
5. Storm Warning
6. Saddle River
7. Chestnut Ridge Road
Aerik Von - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
David Guevera - Drums
Record Label: Rotten Xore Records


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Edited 25 March 2023

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