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Lucifer's Fall - Tales From the Crypt

Lucifer's Fall
Tales From the Crypt
by Dave Nowels at 23 December 2018, 6:56 AM

When they’re not hailing Satan, LUCIFER’S FALL themselves hail from Adelaide. Or more accurately, LUCIFER’S FALL hail Satan from Adelaide. When not on tour. Let’s face it, LUCIFER’S FALL is always actively hailing SATAN. Or so it appears. Self labeled on their Facebook page as “Raw Traditional Doom Metal’, the band indicates they formed in 2013 and cite a wide variety of influences. From THIN LIZZY and PRIEST to ARKHAM, PENTAGRAM and CANDLEMASS.

“Tales From The Crypt” definitely lives up to one of the band’s self labeling efforts. It’s raw. Raw as Satan’s ass to be exact.  Production value is simply not present here. The mix sounds as if it was recorded in Satan’s colon. The vocals are muddy, the drums “tinny”. It’s a shame really, as I’m actually very intrigued by what the band is doing musically. Somebody get these guys a producer and some improved recording equipment. Regardless, this is a band that gives zero fucks. Either you like it as a whole, or you don’t. They really don’t seem to care.

I guess I’m on the fence. There’s some pretty cool tracks if you can get past the horrible mix. “Tales From The Crypt” contains 13 tracks. Of those, six are studio (I use that term really loosely) tracks. The remainder is comprised of four rehearsal tracks two cover songs and a live track. Focusing on the studio tracks (loosely Metalheads), “Death of the Mother” is my personal highlight. Feedback, power riffs and MERCYFUL FATE inspired feel overall. “Die Witch Die” also made an impression for much of the same reasons. I just cannot get over how much of the ambiance gets lost in the production, though something just dawned on me. Maybe I’m missing the point completely. Maybe this utter rawness/garage band feel is what they’re going for. I’m just so confused and torn here.

The rehearsal tracks are just that. Even rawer sonically, though there’s talent begging to shine through. “Cursed Priestess” is the most compelling of these, really taking on a Doom feel distinctly. The covers are of REVEREND BIZARRE’s “Cromwell” and EXCITER’s “Stand Up and Fight”. Both are announced as “very unrehearsed” and fall completely in line with all that’s brought us to this point. The live track is the Punk feel of “Angel Witch” Finally, there’s a sound upgrade and you get a better feel of what the band is about. It’s a shame it took the live track and final track of the album to do it.

“Tales From the Crypt” ultimately frustrated the hell out of me. LUCIFER’S FALL is a vastly intriguing band, but I just cannot get past the production value. They’ve somehow managed to draw me in though. I’m intrigued enough that I’ll be keeping an eye out for future endeavors, and ever hoping that the band steps up the sound quality more than they’ve displayed here.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 1

3 Star Rating

1. Trapped In Satan's Chains
2. Dirty Shits Dirty Music
3. Unknown Unnamed
4. Deceiver
5. Die Witch Die
6. Death Of The Mother
7. Cursed Priestess
8. Damnation
9.  The Mountains Of Madness
10. (Fuck You) We're Lucifer's Fall
11. Cromwell (Reverend Bizarre Cover - Partial Unrehearsed Jam)
12. Stand Up And Fight (Exciter Cover - Barely Rehearsed Version)
13. Angel Witch (Angel Witch Cover - Live at 3D Radio)
Deceiver – Apocalyptic Howls
Unknown/Unnamed – Hammer Of Doom
Heretic – Abrasive Blasphemy
Cursed Priestess – Cryptic Storms & Incantations
The Invocator – Axe of Satan & Demonic Summonings
Record Label: Sun And Moon Records


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