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Lucifer Star Machine - The Devil's Breath Award winner

Lucifer Star Machine
The Devil's Breath
by Dani at 16 March 2020, 11:13 AM

Teufel punk rawkers LUCIFER STAR MACHINE (2002) lays down the ersatz devil jam in Europe and beyond from Hamburg, Germany after originally forming in London, England - but hear me now and believe me later, these lads have one foot firmly in Melodia, Punkastan. Listening to ‘THE DEVIL’S BREATH’ is like going to the MISFITS and RAMONES circus with carnival barker Tor Abyss arfing candy apple exhortations to “come on down!” and check out the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Funhouse. These guys are making punk rock with high caliber songwriting and total groove discharge. Lass uns nachsehen! … sollen wir?

At 3 minutes 40 seconds total, “The Void” comes in on a heartbeat elevating rampage and when the song goes into a final breakdown at less than 3 minutes, it is heard to believe the tornado in a song is not complete.  Track #2 “Dwell In Misery” features guitar leads that are too good for punk. This is polished arena rawk (¡!?) like the FOO FIGHTERS sort of do, but in the shape of livelier songs more confined to the punk rock songwriter’s blueprint. The guitar players do nice work making the most of their 10 second breaks to show off considerable technique played at the absolute red line.

“Cruel Hearts” continues and showcases Tor Abyss fine vocals (he sings in English) that retain a bit of a kraut edge. I find myself listening more intently to vocals that have this kind of idiosyncratic and overseas characteristic … the non-native angle. “Baby, When You Cry” is like their single and again – the songwriting here is exceptional. Every one of these songs are anthems made for an arena to air them out in public. “The Night Is Young” leans on the staccato right hand chunking of guitarists Mickey and Marshall who strum overdriven liquid fyre while the chorus of “The Night Is Young” repeats.

“Eat Dust” as well as “Your Love Remains” appear to be a re-recordings or re-mixes (or maybe not) from 2015. You can see the totally adolescent video for “Eat Dust” on the YouTube although the song jams righteously. “A Touch of Death” is one of the many songs that features signature spaghetti surf guitar flourishes as well as flogs a righteous MISFITS groove. LUCIFER STAR MACHINE don’t copy the Murikan gore-hounds song and dance … they use it as more of a starting place for them to embellish their own sound and writing. “Pretender” shows Tor Abyss and the gang digging down into their RAMONES pocket with Tor running for the Joey Ramone soul-posts and scoring.  “Your Love Remains” does not spare Jay Impact’s right foot a sterling workout on the kick drum. This cat keeps these songs on point where they are supposed to be rhythmically, delivering a propulsive and meaty studio set. The last tune “Devil’s Breath” oozes into smaltzy acoustic song but it works and closes out this release.

The 13 songs on ‘THE DEVIL’S BREATH’ all fly-by, running between 2 minutes something to less than 4 minutes each and this disc will not leave you wanting. This is a jamming, well paced performance that is exceptionally recorded, mastered and mixed and showcases some bonzer rawk songwriting. I don’t think the Archfiend innuendo works as there is nothing even half-heartedly demonic or Black Music oriented in the band’s shtick, serving as more of an image divergence along the lines of gore punk or goth rock. LUCIFER STAR MACHINE actually look more like a biker LA bar band while standing tall and delivering the goods in the recording studio, territory formerly occupied by one of my favs ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION. Bloody good show mates and let the Void be with you.

Eagerly a hundred thousand little bees swarm around my Spotify playlist of my reviewed bands … Gott Segne Dich …

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.  The Void
2.  Dwell In Misery
3.  Cruel Hearts
4.  Baby, When You Cry
5. The Night is Young
6. Eat Dust
7. A Touch of Death
8. El Camino Real
9. Pretender
10. Evil Blood
11. Midnight Crawler
12. Your Love Remains
13.  Devil’s Breath
Tor Abyss - Throat
Mickey Necro - Guitars
Marshall Speed - Guitars
Benny Zin - Bass
Jay Impact  Drums
Record Label: The Sign Records


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Edited 06 April 2020

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