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Lune – Ghost Award winner

by Thomas Kumke at 14 July 2020, 7:13 PM

LUNE hailing from Melbourne, Australia is a Metalcore band founded in 2019. Some of the band members are experienced musicians and joined LUNE from other local bands. Their style is rather a fresh approach to Metalcore involving different elements such as Deathcore, Djent, progressive Metal, Groove, and traditional Metalcore. “Ghost” is the debut EP and has been released in June 2020, however, the title song and the song “Manipulator” came out end of 2019 already. The EP contains 5 songs and has a total length of almost 17 minutes.

The title track indicates what you can expect from LUNE: banging guitars, crashing bass, relentless drumming, interrupted by melodic breaks. With Nathaniel Smith they have a singer who utilizes an astonishing vocal range from excellent growls and screams to melodic clean vocals. “Ghost” also shows that LUNE is not just another Metalcore band, the band has its own and unique style. While many bands tend to start their releases with the heaviest and fastest song, not so LUNE. With the following songs they crank up the heat and heaviness of “Ghost”. “Misery Dialogue” is a prime example of an excellent mix of heavy guitar riffs, brutal growls and screams, as well as an atmospheric break in the middle part of the song. “Manipulator” continues with that, slightly changed in tempo and catchy banging riffs at the beginning. The song is interspersed with djents, and Nathaniel Smith growls through the whole song with anger. Impressive is the drumming of Harrison Mills throughout the song. “Modern Bones” and “Mirror Image” follow the pattern of the first three songs, although both songs have a few more melodic elements. The middle part of “Modern Bones” breaks into a short melodic and melancholic sequence which becomes the theme until the end of the song while keeping the overall structure of the song. In my opinion, it makes the song a bit different compared to the others. “Mirror Image” shows again what LUNE has to offer: a fireworks of heavy guitar riffs, djents, excellent drumming, and on top Nathaniel Smith leading the growling and screaming line. LUNE has released a couple of videos from the EP, find the link to the title song below.

Ghost” is very mature for a debut especially from a songwriting perspective. Lyrically, all songs have a strong message dealing for example with the bad inner self, abuse and how it affects people around, or daily challenges in life and what it can make of ourselves. LUNE understand it to bring those messages across with a lot of emotions which is reflected in Nathaniel Smith vocals but also in the short melodic and melancholic breaks. Their sound involves a lot of different elements beyond traditional Metalcore which makes LUNE very interesting to listen to. I found it quite difficult to select a favorite song from this release, perhaps it is “Manipulator” because of its heaviness and brutality. “Ghost” is very well produced and Metalcore fans will have something to look forward to with LUNE in the future.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Ghost
2. Misery Dialogue
3. Manipulator
4. Modern Bones
5. Mirror Image
Nathaniel Smith – Vocals
Krys Smith – Guitar
David Freeland – Guitar
Tyler Hendley – Bass
Harrison Mills -­ Drums
Record Label: Independent


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