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Lvcifyre - The Broken Seal

The Broken Seal
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 October 2021, 1:41 PM

To play savage and aggressive to force the ears of anyone to assimilate a musical work isn’t synonymous to be a good band. No, even on extreme Metal genres, you must be guided by a personal insight, something that shows personality, something that belongs only to you. It’s the most important factor in music. And unfortunately, even bearing a personal core on its music, the duet LVCIFYRE need to improve and mature a lot by what is shown on “The Broken Seal”.

They play in a Death/Black form, with a massive and brutal sound sharpened by nasty guitar riffs and expressed by agonizing grunts. The old good formula created by SARCÓFAGO and popularized by names as BLASPHEMY and BEHERIT in final years of the 80’s. But they really lack a more personal approach on their music because they’re still living under the shadow of their musical influences. “The Broken Seal” is not a loss, but they could have used a better expression to do so.

Stefano Santi is the one who signs the recording, mixing and mastering. And as he isn’t the producer, it seems that the duet took the helmet, so it could explain this dirty and raw approach on the sonority. It’s not a matter of being organic and nasty, but they could have used a better definition, because things are hard to understand in some moments.

They have good musical ideas, as can be heard on “Gods Await Us” (some very good guitar riffs can be heard on this one), “Black Beneath the Sun” (some morbid melodies can be hard on slower moments), “Headless Rite” (the massive impact is very good, but the poor sonority makes their efforts pointless), “The Broken Seal” (very good grunts, but some points with different tunes would help a lot), and “The First Archon” (the drums are really great, but in the middle of this filthy approach they lose weight). But they’re not worked in the right way. And it means that the band needs a producer to help them to put the ideas out in a better form, and to make the sonority better as well.

For now, “The Broken Seal” is an album that only fanatics for Black/Death Metal in the filthy and extreme way can like. But LVCIFYRE has enough talent to overcome this difficulty.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Gods Await Us
2. Tribe of Khem
3. Black Beneath the Sun
4. Headless Rite
5. The Broken Seal
6. The Wolf of the Great Dark
7. The First Archon
8. Blood of Az
9. Black Mass
T. Kaos - Guitars, Vocals
Menthor - Drums
Record Label: NoEvDia


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