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Lyka – MK I

by Thomas Kumke at 05 July 2020, 2:22 PM

LYKA is a Metalcore band from Norway and they recently released their debut EP “MK I”. Produced and mixed by Simen Handeland, “MK I” is a blend of traditional Metalcore with progressive elements and typical melodic sequences. The band has with Kevin Augestad and Markus Sørlie Ørjanson two singers with the former one mainly performing the clean vocals while latter one predominantly growls/screams. Sharing the vocal duties gives LYKA an extra dimension and that fits perfectly into their sound.

MK I” starts off with a sound that is probably very familiar to Metalcore fans, heavy but melodic guitar riffs, a mix of growling, screaming, and clean vocals shared by both singers. “A Thirst To Fulfil” is a strong opener, kept mid-tempo throughout and at the end with a melodic, almost melancholic guitar solo. In my opinion, this is the song that represents the spectrum of LYKA at its best. With more than 5 minutes, “A Thirst To Fulfil” is the longest song of “MK I”. In “Intoxicated”, the band utilizes the strengths of both singers expertly. Kevin Augestad and Markus Sørlie Ørjanson deliver an excellent mix of clean and growling vocals, where especially the clean vocals are the highlight of “Intoxicated” and show the great potential the band. Check out their video with the link given below. “Mirror” and “At The Edge” are songs that consist of different parts: a mixture of heavy and catchy guitar riffs and brutal growls/screams where both singers contribute equally, interrupted by slow melodic and melancholic episodes that pick up in tempo and heaviness again. I like the variation in tempo, guitar riffs, and vocals in both songs. “Disconnected” is kept very melodic and melancholic throughout the song. Highlight is, once again, the excellent blend of the two different vocals, and for me, the clean vocal parts stand out. “Finally Awake” is the last track of the EP and sums up “MK I” very well: solid Metalcore sound, melodic guitar solos with some melancholic elements, heavy guitar riffs, and on top of that two excellent vocalists that gives each song something extra.

MK I” is a very good debut EP from a promising band: a mix of heavy riffs paired with melodic guitar sequences, solid bass and drums, and a perfect blend of clean and growling/screaming vocals. For me, both vocalists stand out and are the highlight of LYKA’s approach to Metalcore. They both are excellent singers and the band clearly benefits from them. With 6 songs and a total length of about 27 minutes, “MK I” is rather at the longer end of EPs. “MK I” is well produced and fans of that genre may want to keep an eye on LYKA for their first full-length album in the future.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. A Thirst to Fulfil
2. Intoxicated
3. Mirror
4. At the Edge
5. Disconnected
6. Finally Awake
Kevin Augestad – Vocals
Markus Sørlie Ørjanson – Vocals
Aleksander Otervik –Guitar
Keyvan Rad – Guitar
Einar Lie – Bass
Mads Kvien – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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