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Mikael Erlandsson and Last Autumn's Dream - Secret Treasures Award winner

Mikael Erlandsson and Last Autumn's Dream
Secret Treasures
by David Crossbowmen at 13 February 2019, 7:28 AM

There is a lot to be said of MIKAEL ERLANDSSON AND LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM new album “Secret Treaures”. Out via AOR Records, this Japanese edition contains a different title as well as four bonus track’s which are remixed and taken from the 2005 album “II”. The original title being “Capricorn Six” which happens to coincide as Mikael’s sixth solo album. After repeated listens, this album is awe inspiring and can easily be considered a masterpiece…

Opener “Eye of the Hurricane” sets the tone for what’s to come. Absolute AOR goodness. Much of the music on “Secret Treasures” has that grizzled veteran grime that just makes the album shine. “Evil” is catchy as all hell and will have you singing along. This song is not to be passed by. “Pain” showcases Mikael’s passionate vocals. They have warmth and such conviction that the song bears repeated listens. Now, most ballads tend to be skipped or are a low point for some rock albums. However, not on “Secret Treasures”. “Have to Let You Go” is a masterpiece of a song. In every which way. From the piano, guitar solo, vocals, lyrics and phrasing, “Have to Let You Go” is arguably the best song on the album. Perfect 80’s era sound mixed with modern rock. The best part of “Secret Treasures” is the sheer amount hooks that just grab the listener like a pit-bull.

Why” is a bit of a strange song but in a good way. There is just something about the song that is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’sFool in the Rain”. Gorgeous sounds with big arena rock vibes. “Break Another Heart” is textbook AOR that is charming and memorable. Eerily similar to Avantasia’sDying for an Angel”, this song no doubt kicks tons of ass. If you are looking for something chunky and hearty, check out “Love is the Answer. Perfect riffs! MIKAEL ERLANDSSON AND LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM understand that adding layers of lush soundscapes will get a better response. However, I will say that adding variety to any album is also a key factor that will determine if it will be successful. With that being said, “Alice in Wonderland” is a beautiful change of scenery. The best way to describe to this jam is to just think The Beatles. Just wonderful and comes at the end of the album. Definitely sticks out.

Mikael Erlandsson has a knack for creating music that is memorable and meaningful. “Secret Treasures” has something to offer to everyone. As cliché as it sounds, this album is epic and will make a lasting impact. One thing is for certain, “Secret Treasures” will be in heavy rotation in my household. Not an album to be missed! For fans of AOR and melodic hard rock.  This is a treasure that should be shared with everyone (yes, I went there). I envy those that listen to this album for the first time!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Eye of the Hurricane
2. Evil
3. Pain
4. Have to Let You Go
5. Why
6. Break Another Heart
7. Ok
8. Love is the Answer
9. When She’s Gone
10. Alice in Wonderland
11. Brand New Life (Bonus track)
12. Running (Bonus Track)
13. Up in Paradise (Bonus Track)
14. (Always Be) You and I (Bonus Track)
Mikael Erlandsson - Vocals/Keyboards
Sayit Dölen - Guitars
Pontus Engborg - Drums
Joel Starander - Bass
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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Edited 20 May 2019

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