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Månegarm – Vredens Tid (Reissue)

Vredens Tid (Reissue)
by Sebastien “Bass” Parent at 11 October 2015, 9:19 AM

Hello Temple, I’m back today to talk about the reissue of “Vredens Tid” by MÅNEGARM. This band has been around for 20 years now, so they have a lot of material around to draw from. This year, for their 20th anniversary, they decided to reissue most of their albums. This re-mastered version of their hit CD “Vredens Tid” from 2005 is very well done; the sound is amazing.

One note though; I did put in the current band members of MÅNEGARM, but the line-up was a bit different at the moment of the recording. Erik was on drums, and they had Pierre Wilhelmsson on bass.

I had to go and listen to the original version of the album to really get a grasp of the re-mastered version of this album. The techniques used to record CDs today, obviously far exceed those of 2005. But let’s talk about the actual songs instead of the quality of sound.

As a fan of ELUVEITIE, KORPIKLAANI and other Folk Metal bands like this, I was surprised to have not heard of this band before. Their style is very similar to those two. I love when bands make use of violin in their Folk Metal song, it really brings a party like sound, and makes you want to get up and dance. Like in the song “Skymningsresa”; the last minute and a half of this song is violin heavy, it is very entertaining. It also moves well into the slower “Kolöga Trolltand” right after; a slow pace, very melodic piece that is absolutely beautiful.

The most epic song of this album comes as the second to last song: “Hemfärd”. It starts off with a slow chorus and develops into a great melodic folk sound. The vocals are shared between Umer Mossige-Norheim and Erik on this piece. Umer really has an amazing voice, she used to follow MÅNEGARM for their live shows, and appear has a guest star in some of the album; but she hasn’t been around the band since 2009 and I couldn’t find the reason.

I have to say that this is a must have album for any Folk Metal fan, and maybe a discovery to be made for fans of other genres as well. MÅNEGARM is now among my favourite Folk Metal bands.

4 Star Rating

1. Vid Hargen
2. Sigrblot
3. Skymningsresa
4. Kolöga Trolltand
5. Dodens Strand
6. Preludium
7. Vredens Tid
8. Svunna Minnen
9. Frekastein
10. Hemfärd
11. Segervisa
Markus Andé – Guitar
Jonas Almqvist – Guitar
Erik Grawsiö – Vocals and Bass
Jacob Hallegren – Drums 
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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