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Můra - Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals

Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 April 2021, 7:30 AM

As subgenres of Metal evolve, some mutations can be found. It’s just a set of words to say that a genre of Metal can become fragmented in many subgenres. As an example, Doom Metal was born to be a genre that resurrected BLACK SABBATH’s bitterest and slowest moments, but today there are many ways to see the same genre: Gothic Doom, Doom Death Metal, classic Doom Metal, and a lot of other subgenres that are being created as the musicians dare to search for something personal. But from Czechia comes MŮRA (specifically, from the city of Prague) with its first release, the EP “Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals”.

What they play: a form of Classic Doom Death Metal that is based on the roots on the genre, from the days that it was just a slower, bitter and morbid form of playing Death Metal (the days when PARADISE LOST released “Lost Paradise”, when the aesthetics wasn’t as important as the aggressiveness). It’s not elegant or refined, but oppressive and atmospheric (in a way that can be compared to a funeral dirge into a desolate graveyard under a gray and rainy sky). Of course such form of music was done in the past, but the band shows potential on their work, so it’s a matter of time to adjust things.

The production is crude and poor, as the old Doom Death Metal acts did in the early years of the 90’s. It’s done in such way because the band’s musical focus is to be brutal, oppressive and funeral, so a clean aesthetics wouldn’t be a good choice for them. Of course the things could have been done in a better way, but’s good for a first release.

“Chambers of Decay” (11 minutes of a Doom Death Metal slow requiem, with a nasty and crude ambience, like if BLACK SABBATH on their old days could play such genre, with raw guitar riffs and low grunts) and “Pest Procession” (another grotesque piece of music, with slow tempos, but with a better dynamic in the arrangements due some rhythmic shifts performed by bass guitar and drums) are proof of the band’s musical talent. The only tip to them is to work with shorter time spams sometimes, to create contrasts.

For now, MŮRA shows potential to be a remarkable name in Doom Death Metal in the future. But for addicted fans of Doom Metal and its subgenres, “Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals” is a release that deserves to be heard carefully.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Chambers of Decay
2. Pest Procession
M. - Vocals
H. - Guitars
L. - Guitars
S. - Drums
M. - Bass (session)
Record Label: Caligari Records


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