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Macabre Omen – Gods Of War At War Award winner

Macabre Omen
Gods Of War At War
by Jess Harman at 15 June 2015, 7:25 PM

MACABRE OMEN was born in 1994 on the Island Of Rhoades, apart of Greece. Their first demo release was in 1994 and buy 1996 their promo “Olympus” was released and this was the album where MACABRE OMEN set their own sound. By 1998 the band was down to just one member, Alexandros began playing all the instruments, apart from the drums. After lineup changes and a move to London, the permanent drummer Vallely joined in 2013. They are back with their latest release “Gods Of War At War”, MACABRE OMEN’s first full-length release in ten years. The album comes in with eight tracks and just under an hour of listening time.

While the band is known for its heavier Epic and Black Metal roots, there is a ton of Pagan Metal elements heavily interwoven within “Gods Of War-At War”. I suppose the lyrical content helps convey a more Pagan filled music, but the vocals have the Black Metal deepness that can suck your soul if you’re not careful. Then, the guitars just put that piece to another form of greatness. Mixing with the bass and the drums, “Gods Of War At War” is a pretty epic album. There is even more love considering this band is twosome, a pretty incredible feat.

The album is full of adventurous journeys into a world long ago and a world today. Each track has some sort of guitar works that deserve to be mentioned but we’ll just keep it to the best. “Man of 300 Voices”, “Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes” and “Alexandros-Ode A’” have some of the best guitars on the album with memorable solos and intoxicating riffs. “Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes” is a bit lower track on the album but about midway through there are some incredible riffs that make this entire track stand out. The drums are another piece of this album that really stands out. While they aren’t distracting or over powering, they are precise and have some speed to them.

The composition, the production, and the performance is incredible. The vocals range so deeply, from a scream to the lowest grittiest growl to a spoken softness. The musical range is just as deep and just as impressive. “Gods Of War At War” is an album that melds genres together creating something that is refreshing. I Encourage all metal-heads to give this a listen, it does not disappoint.

5 Star Rating

1. I See, The Sea
2. God of War-At War
3. Man of 300 Voices
4. Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes
5. From Son to Father
6. Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might
7. Alexandros-Ode A’
8. Alexandros-Ode B’
Alexandros - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, & Keyboards
T.J.F. Vallely – Drums
Record Label: Van Records


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