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Machetazo – Ultratumba II

Ultratumba II
by Thomas Kumke at 27 December 2020, 6:47 PM

MACHETAZO was formed in 1994 and they are from La Coruna, Spain. They were active until 2014 and during their spell of 20 years they developed an impressive track record of Death Metal and Grindcore records. Among their releases are four EPs, five full-length albums, two live albums and around a dozen of splits. One of their live albums was recorded at the famous CBGB at New York. The latest full-length album “Ruin” is from 2013. “Ultratumba II” is the third compilation album by MACHETAZO and was released via Polish label Selfmadegod Records which is specialized in Grindcore, Metal, and Hardcore. “Ultratumba II” has a length of 72 minutes.

All of the songs on “Ultratumba II” are material that have been released after the “Ultratumba” compilation. It is not a “Best of” selection, but it represents the sound of MACHETAZO very well. There are a few cover versions among the song selection as MACHETAZO did quite a lot during their illustrious career. The first half of the album mainly consists of their original songs. “Desenterrado” and “Ùnede Al Muerto” indicate that MACHETAZO are firing from all cylinders: Death Metal at high intensity and speed, powerful and dark guitar riffs, relentless drumming and growling vocals from the abyss. There are hardly any breaks in tempo, the song structures are simple and guitars are not very technical.

There are a few exceptions though, “Los Tentàculos De La Decrepitud” has a slow and dark start, before it transitions into an onslaught of flesh-ripping guitars, pummeling drums, and brutal growls. The rhythm of “(Cerrado Por) Defunciòn” is played at breakneck speed before a slow part is introduced by a crunching bass guitar sequence. The slow sequences of the material and the very few slow songs such as “Desolaciòn Mental” are very dark and doom-laden. A typical feature of MACHETAZO songs is the inclusion of featured intros from horror movies as in “El Torreòn” or “Dr Jebediah Morningside”.

The cover songs were arranged differently. Some were kept closely to the originals such as the CARNIVORE cover “Sex And Violence” others were played more brutal than the original like KREATOR’s “Tormentor”. A very interesting approach is the arrangement of the double cover of “Dying/Demon”. Most of the covers were released on EPs during different stages of MACHETAZO’s career, therefore the listener can expect an interesting diversity in the interpretation of the originals.

Ultratumba II” is a good representation of MACHETAZO’s approach to Death Metal and Grindcore. The song selection include the second half of their 25+ year’s career. It contains typical original songs as well as covers. The production maintains the rawness of the original songs. For Death Metal fans who like it extremely fast, brutal, and getting kicked in their faces, “Ultratumba II” is a compilation you should not miss. For Death Metal fans who are unfamiliar with the band, it is a good entry into their vast back catalogue.

Song selection:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. (Cerrado Por) Defunciòn
2. Fog Of Death (MORTICIAN cover)
3. Desenterrado
4. Ùnede Al Muerto
5. Màs Allà Del Hueso Y La Carne
6. Desolaciòn Mental
7. Los Tentàculos De La Decrepitud
8. El Torreòn
9. Dr Jebediah Morningside
10. Sex And Violence (CARNIVORE cover)
11. Pay To Die (MASTER cover)
12. Arràstrandose Solo (CORRUPTED cover)
13. Tormentor (KREATOR cover)
14. Skald Av Satan’s Sol (DARKTHRONE cover)
15. Dying/Demon (OBITUARY/SEPTIC DEATH cover)
16. Delirio En El Pozo De Excrementos
17. Alucinaciones Blasfemas
18. Flagelado Hasta El Desmembramiento
19. The Day Man Lost (CARNAGE cover)
20. Fosa Comùn
21. Miasma
22. Catalepsia
Dopi – Drums, Vocals
Rober Bustabad – Guitars, Bass
Iago Alvite – Bass
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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