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Machina - Hellbound Heart Award winner

Hellbound Heart
by Michael Coyle at 28 May 2015, 11:11 PM

All Those Memories…”: from the very start we seem to go into a very techno meets Power Metal kind of vibe when it comes to the song itself, though when the vocals kick in we see that there are other things we cannot afford to miss when hearing what these guys bring to the table and that ladies and gentlemen is a combination between sounds and scapes making something that is simply epic yet very well made at the same time. When it comes to the song's choruses we see that there are some very intriguing ideas that are being played through making this one of the record's better songs and making the listen somewhat ideal for Progressive Metal fans as well as Power Metal fans. I would say as there are a lot of things that this seems to show off.

The Mirror Black”: with this song we see the band take on a more up and front take on what they have already done so far bringing a ballad-like sound, as well as an epic adventure-type vibe for this song and its structure. In a way, this is one of the songs which takes a slower yet better-made trip into the listener's emotional areas of the mind. When listening to this track it reminds me of BLIND GUARDIAN in a lot of ways by the way the song progresses with an acoustic to high voltage riff style, which to me really makes me smile seeing a band that can take that grasp in their song writing. From every section we can see that there are some very unique ways of presenting this song to the fans as it does a lot more than you would think when hearing it and that is why I think the modern age Power Metal fan would appreciate it and the way it has been portrayed, I just really love how this song goes and need to say congrats to the guys in the band for this masterpiece.

The Lost Aeon”: the start of this track starts off slow but very darkly melodic giving the song a sinister tale sort of vibe whih is always great to see as it makes the song somewhat a story for the fans to hear and heed before it kicks in to full gear, to which it does very well. It builds up higher and higher. In a lot of ways there is a folk element which can be heard from this track as if it is a song of long ago reimagining what had happened long ago. This in my opinion is one of the more memorable tracks that this record presents as it holds down some very distinct riffs and melodies which really pull at the heart strings.

Second Coming”: A fast and very well made opening is what you will find when listening to this track as it has some very powerful and incredibly beautiful riffs among the rest of what this record has already shown as with this song, things get really serious and so unreal that it beomes what only comes to mind as a really prog type idea mixed with fantasy. So in a way Prog fantasy, Progtasy, I dunno, I tried. Either way this really gets deep down into the structure and the fom of what this record is about which means to show that there is a bit of everything on this record for a lot of people of all sorts of music preference

Pretender's Sacrifice”: We have seen how the band have been able to portray their art of music so far and this song really kicks it into overdrive with some really hyperactive riffs and bass lines swinging about and making things so much more than we have heard so far. As we have found out, there are a lot of surpises that we cannot afford to miss as with this song it is taken back to basics with tones and ideas that match that to the old vanguard of sonic tones and siren screams which really make this song a high powered treat to any guitar nerds and vocal adventurers. To say its a good song is only to say that it is by far one of the more classic-toned tracks on this record but either way it is too good not to listen to.

To conclude, if you love your Metal old and new then this is something for you, either way it is a real treat for any person young or old.

5 Star Rating

1. All those memories…
2. The end of all Memories
3. The mirror Black
4. The lost Aeon
5. Sign of the World
6. Molten Lead
7. Second coming
8. Pretender Sacrifice
9. Pillar of the Sun
Petteri Gullsten – Bass
Pekka Leppäluoto - Drums
Tapio Mattila - Guitars
Marko Kinnunen – Guitars
Jukka Tappola - Keyboards
Sami Huotari – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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