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Machinae Supremacy - Rise Of A Digital Nation

Machinae Supremacy
Rise Of A Digital Nation
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 November 2012, 5:41 PM

A computerized world, the dominance of mankind is fading as the power of the machines rise. Can we accept that? To be controlled by our very own creations? Are we too old to handle anymore? Do we need to be the characters we are playing in the various computer games we admire? So many questions and also so many answers, yet I believe that what unifies this entire self debate is a single answer, the unknown, the lack of explanation because each of us is responsible for his / her own future. We can prevent the rise of the digital nation, but will we let go of a new iPhone or yet another Smarthphone, which will probably one day will seize and read our thoughts? I don’t think so, but who knows. It took me a while to rally up my thoughts about this subject, our future along with technology, but I believe that bands like the Swedish MACHINAE SUPREMACY, in their own weird way of showing it, has been contemplating with this subject for quite some time while sharing their high regard for science fiction computer / video games and the some of the powerful themes that were created by their strong affect. This constant working band has been running since 2000 and after straight twelve years they present their sixth album, “Rise Of A Digital Nation”, coming again via Spinefarm Records. Talk about steadiness there, I like that.

On the other hand, I must acknowledge that it was difficult for me to like their musical direction and their material bred by it. It seemed to me that MACHINAE SUPREMACY wished to be everywhere in Metal music, except from the extreme area. Their own version of Metal, with an attempt to be genuine, is taking Euro Power Metal with a few melodic examples and infusing it with Alternative and computerized elements. I would also add several of Pop and modern Metal constituents as well. Their music, following numerous of effects created by an emulated Commodore 64 console, seemed catchy, highly compressed in production but in the same time rather clear, with adequate instrumental playing and nice vocals. However, it seemed to me that this crew was more animated towards the old programmed effects rather than actually Metalizing things up. Sure they had great and accessible songs like “Rise of a Digital Nation”, “Transgenic”, “Pieces” and “Republic of Gamers” for instance sharing great choruses with several inspiring riffing and harmonious rhythms. Yet all in all, I wasn’t that convinced as sometimes I felt that I was actually listening to electro directed music with double kicking bass drum. I could barely feel the power of the probably double layer guitars due to the high extent usage of samples and that SID Chip of the Commodore 64. A music album can be a playground but also how about less focusing on the minor stuff because it supposed to be a Metal album.

There is no use, a band cannot hide behind a wall of effects even if some of them sound rather swaying while reminding the early years of computer games. MACHINAE SUPREMACY has a fine edge to assemble simplistic riffing and actually sound Metal, from time to time, yet their fascination with effects in time will ruin their efforts. I think that it would be suitable to mature a bit, but hey that is my opinion.

3 Star Rating

1. All of My Angels
2. Laser Speed Force
3. Transgenic
4. Rise of a Digital Nation
5. Pieces
6. Cyber Warfare
7. Republic of Gamers
8. Battlecry
9. 99
10. Hero 
Robert 'Gazz / Dragon' Stjärnström- Vocals
Jonas 'Gibli' Rörling- Guitar
Andreas 'Gordon' Gerdin- Bass
Niklas 'Nicky $' Karvonen- Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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