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Machine - Dark Birds

Dark Birds
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 25 October 2014, 11:49 PM

All the way from Copenhagen, comes the Danish band MACHINE. The band had formed in 2009 and managed to do a lot in a short time. They started with 2011's impressive debut album "Behind The Trees", an album that helped with which the band has gained a loyal fan base and a nomination in the Danish GAFFA awards for "best hard rock". MACHINE is a band that known for their ability to create a dark sound of Hard Rock and the ability to combine harmony and a lot of noise in their sound.

So now, 3 years later, the band is set to release her first songs since the debut album. The new EP that called "Dark Birds", as the fourth song in the album, sounds really promising with the band's self production and Peter Lyman's mastering, so let's hear the new EP.

The song that I'm consider as the song that hit of the album is the "Black Feathers", the most powerful and catchy song of the album that contains some amazing guitar's riffs that Peter Hove have created and Kristoffer Buch's amazing vocal performance.
A great and very fun song that is excellent to be an album opener.

"Stones" is a great example of a song that combines harmony with some noise. The song is may less happy than the previous one but I'm thinking that the band puts a lot of thinking in this one, and the result is a deep and strong song. "First One" is much deeper and more old school. I don’t have any problem against deep songs but at least I am expecting that will happen something in them. And that’s the song's problem, he is getting interesting only in the guitar solo that shows up in the end of the song.

The album's title song is something that really curious me, but as the previous track and even worse than him, he is just not going anywhere. It'ss fun in the beginning, but in some point the song is starting to feel tired more and more.

The bottom line is, MACHINE is a great band, they did some great songs in their debut album. But in this EP there's something missing, something that the band had in their debut but they didn’t done it the EP. There are some very good songs in the EP, but I am thinking that there is a reason why they recorded an EP and not a full album and I respect that. As I said before, MACHINE is a great band and I am thinking that with a little improvement, they will do a great full album in the future.

3 Star Rating

1. Black Feathers
2. Stones
3. First One
4. Dark Birds
Kristoffer Buch – Vocals, Guitars
Peter Hove - Guitars, Vocals
Janas Peterson – Bass
Ulf Hove - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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