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Machine Head - The Blackening (CD)

Machine Head
The Blackening
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 03 June 2007, 7:01 PM

Holy fucking Dimebag's Washburn guitar! These are the first words that came into my mind upon listening to MACHINE HEAD's new album The Blackening. After 2004's Through The Ashes Of Empires I admit I had many expectations! Their previous album's level could not be described with simple words and it's something that made the fans (including me) wanting for an equally great follow up. Is The Blackening good enough to continue MACHINE HEAD's legacy proudly? We will see that below…
I don't think MACHINE HEAD need to be presented. The American metallers have managed to become one of the world's leading Metal acts with albums like Burn My Eyes (1994), which in my opinion is one of the best debut album of all time, and Through The Ashes Of Empires (2004). Roadrunner's scouts were amazed by the talent these guys had and they immediately signed them. A not so good story followed, with MACHINE HEAD being criticized for their next albums. As a result the band was not being able to find a contract to release its new album. However, the band managed to go through all the difficulties and remain where it belongs, at the top!
The first questions that came into mind before I listen to The Blackening were: Will MACHINE HEAD manage to reach the level of their previous work or will they start losing fans like they did in the past?, Will they experiment with irrelevant stuff?, Is the energy still there?, Did they sell out?. I pressed the play button and let the album answer my questions. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent hit me like a thunder and I was sure that this review was going to be a really pleasant one. The riffs are hitting you one after the other and you just don't have any time to relax. This album keeps you banging your head from the first to the last second!
The Blackening seems to be the most aggressive album MACHINE HEAD have released up to now. McClain's drumming is groovy and extreme at the same time, and along with Duce, they create a solid rhythm section that allows Flynn and Demmel to unleash their poisonous riffs! Do NOT let the album's duration be a negative factor, give this album the chance it deserves (approximately 61 minutes is definitely long for eight tracks). In the beggining, it seemed a bit weird, but every time I listened to it, it unfolded even more of its secrets. Once you get used to the new MACHINE HEAD, you will just beg for more. Believe me, the duration will seem short! Regarding the production, there are no comments. Just killer!
MACHINE HEAD's The Blackening is the answer to all those who have accused the band for this and that. Listen fuckers, MACHINE HEAD will never sell out and even if you want it or not, this band has defined 21 century's Thrash Metal. When other bands split up, sell out or just end up releasing shitty albums for some more money, MACHINE HEAD stand proud and give Thrash lessons to all of us! The Metal scene needs bands like this one. By the way, do not expect me to say if you have to buy this album or not. GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND BUY IT NOW!

4 Star Rating

Clenching The Fists Of Dissent
Beautiful Mourning
Aesthetics Of Hate
Now I Lay Thee Down
A Farewell To Arms
Robb Flynn - Vocals, Guitar
Phil Demmel - Guitar
Adam Duce - Bass
Dave McClain - Drums
Record Label: Roadrunner Records


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