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Machine Men - Circus Of Fools (CD)

Machine Men
Circus Of Fools
by Grigoris Chronis at 16 February 2007, 4:48 PM

This band - even if not being my cup of tea, in general - has succeeded in the following 'smart' result: they've managed to keep their 80s Metal roots - them primarily being (melodic) IRON MAIDEN and QUEENSRYCHE - while they seem to have achieved in developing some kind of personal style (don't imagine anything not heard before, though). MACHINE MEN release their newest effort and Euro Metal fans will surely find some interest in Circus Of Fools.
These young men evolved from the ashes of a Finnish IRON MAIDEN tribute band and - raging fire from 1998 - already managed to achieve some Northern Europe recognition with their earstwhile releases Machine Men (MCD - 2002) and Scars & Wounds (2003). 2005's Elegies album saw MACHINE MEN re-arranging a little bit their songwriting/sound formula, now more keen on the melodic Euro Power Metal style. Still, the atmosphere and - at times - 'frozen' melodies that accompany Scandinavian Metal bands is again present.
No Talk Without The Giant - the band's first video off the new album, already being a #2 hit in the Finnish singles charts - surely represents the whole idea. Mastered at the (now) famous Finnvox Studios (CHILDREN OF BODOM, EDGUY etc) by Mika Jussila, this tracklist deals with majestic musicianship, solid rhythms, great leads and - apparently, studio-wise - the HELLOWEEN/EDGUY-like concept. The added value lays in the band's persistence on adapting their influences in their songwriting the best way. The melodies are not 'happy', the vocals are not that 'sweet', the drumming is not that 'double-bass' all the time, the keys are not that 'pathetic'. I'd like to see the lyrics themes, too, since it seems there's been some good work in this sector.
In terms of 2006's Metal cliches', Circus Of Fools definitely is a Power Metal album. I'd like the production to be a little bit more old-fashioned, so as to 100% reveal the dynamics of this album, but…back to earth: MACHINE MEN present their finest album to date and - if nothing goes wrong - reviews and sales will be the reward. The grade slips done one scale solely due to the glut of such releases the last years…

3 Star Rating

Circus Of Fools
No Talk Without The Giant
Ghost Of The Seasons
The Shadow Gallery
Where I Stand
Border Of The Real World
Dying Without A Name
The Cardinal Point
Antony - Vocals
J-V - Guitars
Jani - Guitar
Eero - Bass
Jarno - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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