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Machine Men - Elegies (CD)

Machine Men
by Michael Dalakos at 26 June 2005, 3:04 PM

Countless bands try to build a reputation by adopting the sound of a known and respecteded band. Sadly most newcomers stick to a copy / paste basis, with a complete lack of inspiration or even a hint of personality. However there are few acts out there that even though their sound screams out a known act, still they manage to incorporate a personality within their music. Machine Men is one of them.
The band was formed in 1998 and so far they have released a series of demos, one mini CD called Machine Men and a full length called Scars & Wounds in 2004 (both released by Dynamic Art Records in Finland). Through their short existence they have played several gigs, while (according to the promo sheet) this year they will attain several big festivals like Sauna Open Air, Earthshaker, Wacken…
Though from Finland, they don't seem to be fond of their country's Power Metal heritage. I happen to know them from their previous album and their music… well let's say it in a simple way: they worship Iron Maiden! Big deal you might probably think and I can't blame you since we have seen like a gazillion of acts imitating the heroes of our childhood days. It takes you a little time before you get it: Machine Men don't really sound like Iron Maiden… but rather the solo career of Bruce Dickinson. Yeah it gets much clearer from a point on and for a while they managed to fool me. Their sound is modern, they avoid lengthy solos, the bass is not the most important instrument in here (hehe). Their songs are catchy, with great hooks and a flashy production. Vocalist Antony of course has a more Power Metal approach in the way he sings but still stays in touch with the band's temperament.
If you don't believe me (shame on you!) then figure out why they preferred to do a cover version of Freaks from Dickinson's Accident Of Birth rather than a more known Maiden tune? Machine Men can't be considered as an original band. I don't think they are trying to be one. What the heck! Let the rest try to sound original! Machine Men recycle something known and familiar for the fans, they polish it and slightly mutate it under a personal prism. I dare say: I like the outcome as much as I like its source!

4 Star Rating

Dreams & Religion
Back From The Days
The Traitor
Daytime Theatre
Doors Of Resurrection
From Sunrise To Sunset
Antony - Vocals
J-V - Guitar
Jani - Guitar
Eero - Bass
Jarno - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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