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Machinemade God - The Infinity Complex (CD)

Machinemade God
The Infinity Complex
by Michael Dalakos at 26 May 2006, 4:30 AM

I wonder how many metalcore bands can Metal Blade sign. Is it my idea or some labels have started a witch-hunt trying to find the next Shadows Fall? Well it doesn't really bothers me as long as they don't sign crappy acts and let other brilliant musicians out of the loop just because they are not trendy.
Machinemade God is an interesting band. Hailing from Germany the band formed in 2003. From the beginning the band managed to support many known acts of the genre (Caliban, God Forbid, Heaven Shall Burn, Cataract, Born From Pain and As I Lay Dying). In 2004 the band recorded a demo that managed to raise the popularity. In April/May 2005 the band traveled to Denmark to record debut album The Infinity Complex. For the producer they chose Jakob Bredahl, and for mixing / mastering Ziggy at ZigZound Studios.
Well, The Infinity Complex is in general a good album. Powerful compositions, catchy hooks / refrains and of course a rhythm section capable of smashing every bone in the listeners body. There's a variety of time signatures used in the songs while often the hardcore vocals are swapped with clean ones. There's also a very cool instrumental song in here (a bit odd don't you think?).
Without being something extraordinary or groundbreaking The Infinity Complex is an entertaining piece of work that will satisfy the fans of the genre. Personally I am curious to see how far this metalcore trend will go.
- Album highlights: Teeth Vs Curb, Losses To Lessons and of course Butterfly Coma.

3 Star Rating

Teeth Vs Curb
Losses To Lessons
Bleeding From Within
Downpour Of Emptiness
Friendster Is Sooo 2 Months Ago
Kiss Me Now Kill Me Later
Butterfly Coma
Your Own Fault
Forever Gone
Injected Smiles
Angel Wings
Fuck Your Dead Heart
Snow White
Flo Velten - vocals
Holger Kiparski - guitar
Sky Hoff - guitar
Sven Luppus - bass
Max Kotzmann - drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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