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Mad Architect - Dreamworld

Mad Architect
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 28 June 2012, 3:10 PM

I must articulate that this EP was a surprise for me as far as Snowy Shaw is concerned. I haven't heard him singing on THERION but I sure as hell did hear him on the latest DIMMU BORGIR album as he replaced ICS Vortex in the clean vocals department. As for my surprise, it mainly concentrated on Shaw's ability to sing higher notes than in the borders of bass. In DIMMU BORGIR he turned out to be no match for the mighty ICS but within this EP, it is a totally new face, at least for me. However, this EP is really not about Shaw, it’s about the composers who wrote it. Please applause for Magnus Daun and his band MAD ARCHITECT from Sweden. "Dreamworld", their debut three song EP, is where dark fantasies spread their messages of both laid back and harsher points of view. Musically there weren't any new discoveries to excavate but the overall vibe generated out on this EP is pretty good.

I think that one can't really put a label on MAD ARCHITECT's music as it is nor traditional or progressive, at least in the standards of Progressive Metal like DREAM THEATER for example. On the other hand, and that is why it is so mysterious, there is no need for tags. The music is on a constant move through darkened universes, shifting between Gothic, melodic and slightly extreme settings. That is why each track of this release has its own identity. "Dreamworld" is a classic catchy seller, and it would have worked quite well as a single. The vocal work is excellent, main riff is rather interesting and the halo of bass and keys under the mid tempo thumping fulfil their role in a good rate. "Altered States" is sinking a little deeper into the pool of gray waters. There is a little more complexity than before, additional intelligent riffing including a few alterations in the song's structure with more passages and atmospheric moments well delivered. "Strange Machine" is more or the less the unison of the two tracks before it. Furthermore, it is a bit harsher and extreme than the previous ones, something the range of the latest DIMMU BORGIR material plus the amazing lead guitar work. Shaw produces some fine growls as the music around him becomes more energetic and haunting. Despite that, the chorus is still melodic and catchy so there everything for everyone.

"Dreamworld" seems like a good venture by this band. It well written, it develops and is produced well. Definitely something to check out.

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1. Dreamworld
2. Altered States
3. Strange Machine 
Snowy Shaw– Vocals
Magnus Daun– Guitars
Dennis Forsberg– Bass
Tomas Reinerson- Bass
Sven Lindsten– Drums
Jorgen Oscarsson- Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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