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Mad Artwork – I Still Breathe Award winner

Mad Artwork
I Still Breathe
by Jacob Dawson at 11 March 2015, 9:59 PM

MAD ARTWORK are an intelligent band. They outright refuse to conform to a genre; at times it feels like listening to Folk music, and others Funk, Rock, Metal, Pop, or a movie soundtrack – it’s just impossible to guess what’s coming next. While this appeals to a more laid back, open-minded listener, there’s no guarantee that those expecting to hear hard-edged Metal will approve as the music constantly changes from soothing and chilled to powerful and angry.

It’s hard to decide whether to consider the release as an EP or an album, as despite the fact only four songs are featured each one reaches an average of 10 minutes or so, bringing the whole length to around 40 minutes, a respectable length for any album. While in many bands’ music this might lead to repetition, for MAD ARTWORK this is not the case due to their refusal to maintain any consistency within their music. Every song is a journey with many winding roads and hills to climb, and the whole affair is somehow far more relaxing as a result.

The vocals are impressive, with Terese Tezzi Persson giving her all to the various different styles required of her throughout the album. At times soaring and sky-high, and at others low and mournful, her range is reminiscent of a parallel-universe KATE BUSH.

What’s perhaps most interesting about the band is that this is their debut album. For something so refined and unique, it would be easy to assume that this is a sound that’s been honed and evolved over time, but the fact that the band have created something so special on their first outing is testament to their philosophy, laid out clearly on their website; they don’t want to be defined.

As mentioned before, this may not be something that everyone will enjoy simply because it genuinely is so different, but for those who can appreciate creativity and independence in the industry, this is one to check out for sure.

4 Star Rating

1. See What There is
2. Locked in a Lie
3. The Magic Sun
4. I Still Breathe
Andreas Berglund – Drums
Daniel Dluzewski – Bass
Gabbi Dluzewski – Guitars
Simon Forsberg – Swedish Bosoki, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Terese Tezzi Persson – Lead Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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