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Mad Butcher – Metal Lightning (Reissue)

Mad Butcher
Metal Lightning (Reissue)
by Barry Valentine at 05 November 2020, 5:41 AM

We are here with a band out of Essen, Germany, MAD BUTCHER. This old school band first formed in 1981, and rocked through 1992 before throwing in the towel. They got back together and are out with a new album “Metal Lightning”. I couldn’t find out to much about them, but lets get into this.

Their first track “Rock Shock” starts off with a fury of trash metal guitar riffs. The vocals are the classic 80’s rocker style, and the song is very quick. Not a bad song, just very short. The next track “Mad Butcher” starts off with a furious solo, before the vocals come in. Some speed metal chords, a decent riff at the chorus, and another fast solo in the middle. I thought the song was alright, definitely their roots in the 80s speed metal world that’s coming back. I’m going to jump to the forth song “The Night Of The Wolf.” It starts off with a decent riff before the vocals come in. The song is a mix of trash, and speed metal, the vocals give it that punch of the old school rock, the solo is fast and furious. I thought it was a decent song.

On to the fifth track “Zero Talk.” I like the intro to this song, not that immediate balls deep pounding of speed metal madness, but a pretty decent riff. I have to say this song is the one I’ve liked the most so fair. It’s got this old METALLICA tone, and flow. A really long solo, and instrumentals. I also just realized that as the title states, there’s no lyrics. Jumping ahead to “Burn It Down,” the song starts us off with a trash metal riff. The tone of the vocals are a little different the what it has been to this point. The songwriting is pretty good, the guitarists are really fast, and the solos don’t disappoint.

I’m going to wrap this up with the last track “Fearless/ Heartless.” A decent riff starts it off with thundering percussion before the vocals start. Another trash metal song, the tone is the classic 80’s rock, the solo was a little shorter then they’ve been, but still badass. It was a good finish to a decent album. Overall I thought the album wasn’t bad. These guys have that old school tone but I kept thinking I was listening to the old METALLICA, or MEGADETH albums I listened to in middle school. That old stuff is popular, and I think It’s coming back. I think this album will be popular, and I’d recommend it.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Rock Shock
2. Mad Butcher
3. Right Or Wrong
4. Night Of The Wolf
5. Zero Talk
6. Bad Chile
7. Burn It Down
8. Livin’ In Sin
9. Speed Of Light
10. Fearless/ Heartless
Rainer Gullan – Drums
Sydney Keller – Guitars
Rolli Borchert – Guitars
Harry Elbracht – Vocals, Bass
Record Label: Relics from the Crypt


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Edited 01 February 2023

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