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Mad Dogs - We Are Ready To Testify Award winner

Mad Dogs
We Are Ready To Testify
by Jordan Rogers at 15 November 2020, 5:23 PM

This album is full of that high energy rock ‘n’ roll sound we all need in our lives from time to time. MAD DOGS have created another well put together album here. It lays down the riffs, drums, and vocals that you would expect from a group that is known for their garbage rock sounds that incorporates some of those 70’s style sounds we all know and love! “We Are Ready To Testify” is a must listen if you are looking for that high energy rock to get you through the day.

“Leave Your Mark On What You Do” is the opening track to this album. Immediately, the high energy of MAD DOGS can be felt. Fast paced guitar and drums pound into your ear drums throughout the song, accompanied by the energetic lyrics that gives the song the vibe it needs to kick off this album. Setting the tone for the songs to come, they couldn’t have picked a better song to lead off this one of a kind album. It’s a lively track that will leave you feeling like you need more; and there surely is more to come from the tracks to follow.

The next track we will slightly dive into is “Not Waiting”. This song carries that same high energy previously mentioned but has a nice melody behind it. Within this track, you will hopefully find yourself able to get lost in the rhythm while also harnessing the power behind it. This track definitely delivers on all fronts that this band has to offer. You get the 70’s feel heavily coming through in certain moments, while the uplifting energy of their music never dissipates. It is really a masterpiece of blending together musical talent that has to be heard.

“Hard Fight” is another song on this album that I feel we need to address within this review. Its powerful opening leads to even more power once the lyrics are introduced. This track has the potential to have you bouncing off the walls if you allow its high level of energy to pass through you. Its fast paced guitar and energetic lyrics are all you need to leave you feeling amazing at the end.

Whether or not you have heard of MAD DOGS before, I say that you should at least give the link at the bottom of this review a try. You may just end up finding a group that you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Leave Your Mark On What You Do
2. No Regrets
3. Not Waiting
4. Take The Time
5. What Do You Say?
6. Hard Fight
7. Ben’s Legacy
8. I Believe In R’n’R
9. We Are Ready To Testify
10. Postcard From Nowhere
Marco Cipolletti - Guitar/Vocals
Luca Zenobi - Guitar
Simone Mosciatti - Bass
Giacomo Zepponi - Drums/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Go Down Records


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