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Mad Max – Another Night Of Passion

Mad Max
Another Night Of Passion
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 February 2012, 9:01 PM

Two and a half decades have passed since an album named "Night Of Passion" has taken the German scene by storm. It was one of the superb moments for the Hard Rock / Metal band of MAD MAX. After the band's comeback in 1999 they have been quite a live show, I had a chance to attend to one of their gigs in Wacken 2010 and it was an amazing experience that leveled up my admiration to German Heavy Metal. "Another Night Of Passion", consisting of the band's original lineup and via the band's new label of SPV / Steamhammer Records, is based on the same vein of their old classic and can be described as a sort of continuance to the old prominence of the 80s.

Unlike some of their earlier releases, MAD MAX played hard ball on this album. Through the tracklist of eleven tracks it was all around German Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the vein of early 80s ACCEPT blended with what I recognized as an American flavor. Without creating atmosphere using Keyboards and other modern effects, the material was delivered straight up and with the kind of force that only 80s bands can come up with. Even though some might view this as a downfall or a shortcoming, the material played out quiet the same. MAD MAX, next to with their dominant lead vocalist / guitarist Michael Voss, didn't seem to intend to write compositions out of the ordinary therefore everything will sound rather similar in orientation. I would say that in this case it would be a shame to call this effort as just "Not Bad" even for songs that would regular at first hand.

"Another Night Of Passion" is a good example of an album that is on a constant move with no withdrawals. Nearly the entire tracklist is a mid tempo of nonstop action. The songs are accessible and easy to comprehend; some are mere Rock anthems, under the same known formula that created most of the hits of the genre. I was a little disappointed from the lead guitar work of Voss as I expected the solos to be wilder and more energetic, a feeling that I received rather from the rhythm section.

"Back And Alive", my star track of this release, made think about the performance of the band that I saw almost two years back. MAD MAX officially stated that with this song they are back in the saddle at what they do best. "You Decide", "Black Swan" and "Fallen From Grace" are 80s driven hits with graceful flavors while "40 Rock" is the extra crunchy crisp of Hard Rock mania.

I had the feeling right from my first listen to the album that MAD MAX won't let me down. Yes, for new listeners they would probably sound like an old cliché but in the end of the day, and old school fans would probably back me up on this, MAD MAX have the experience on how to Rock it right and through the night.

4 Star Rating

1. Rocklahoma
2. 40 Rock
3. Metal Edge
4. You Decide
5. Welcome to Rock Bottom
6. Fallen From Grace
7. Black Swan
8. Back And Alive
9. The Chant
10. Fever of Love
11. True Blue 
Michael Voss – Lead Vocals / Guitars
Juergen Breforth - Guitars
Roland Bergmann – Bass / Backing Vocals
Axel Kruse- Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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