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Made Of Hate - Bullet In Your Head (CD)

Made Of Hate
Bullet In Your Head
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 February 2008, 11:06 AM

I don't know why, but I disliked this album from the first time I saw its cover. Here, we have a classic cover with a more than classic band logo and a title that has been used a million times in the past. Anyway, I don't want to have an opinion before I even listen to the album, so I will just go on with the review and help you understand what exactly is MADE OF HATE.

MADE OF HATE is a band that just released its debut album through the German label AFM Records and is consisted of four young people. The vocalist/lead guitarist Michal Kostrzynski is just 22 years old! Anyway, enough with the bio stuff. Let's get on with it and I think that I will be able to help you realize why MADE OF HATE are not the reason you should spend your money.

What if they are young? What if their album is released through one of Metal's premier labels? MADE OF HATE is a mediocre band that copies CHILDREN OF BODOM in the worst way I have ever seen! We are talking about a total rip off here! Even the photo in the back of the promo features the band's mainman in a Laiho pose! I swear to the Metal god that I thought it was the Finnish shredder at first! The guitar work is similar to Laiho's (even though this guy would wish to have Laiho's talent) and the music resembles to CHILDREN OF BODOM's heavy moments. Do you ask for killer leads, great drumming and harsh vocals (he even tries to sing like Laiho!)? Then go for some CHILDREN OF BODOM madness and leave these guys trying to play a role that doesn't fit them!

Why should a label like AFM spend time and money for a band like this one? I am really sorry to say some thing like this, but this is really pathetic! I just wish that Laiho doesn't have the chance to listen to Bullet In Your Head because it seems he will sue them for being wannabes!

1 Star Rating

Bullet In Your Head
An Eye For An Eye
On The Edge
My Last Breath
Mirror Of Sins
Michal Kostrzynski - Vocals, Guitar
Radek Potrolniczak - Guitar
Jarek Kajszczak - Bass
Tomek Grochowski - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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