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Madness Factory - Follow The Madness

Madness Factory
Follow The Madness
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 27 April 2014, 8:20 PM

This is a surprising band, no doubt about that!

When hearing for the first time “Follow the Madness”, from Brazilian band MADNESS FACTORY from João Pessoa, Paraíba, your ol’ Big Daddy here, used to hear the most different bands you can think of, couldn’t classify them!

And it’s good to have a band like this, defying all classifications and labels (in reality, fuck off all labels!), but now, after a long time thinking about their music (and a lot of heard of the album) we can assume them as a new form of Thrash Metal/Crossover band, but even this way, the label does not make justice to their music. They have an Old School grasp sometimes, but modern aspects as well.

Great vocals, excellent guitars’ works (thundering and technical riffs with some Rock’n’Roll touches on solos), technical rhythmic kitchen, so be prepared for something with tons of energy and aggressiveness flowing from the pores.

Having Wilheim Jansen, Diego Nóbrega and Victor Hugo Targino (this last one mixed and mastered the album as well), the CD’s sound is clear and heavy, with a good level of quality, a bit “hollow” sometimes, due being drier as they could do. And the art is fine, with a disturbing cover done by the brothers Josafá and Jader Porfírio, plus the design done by Corona Artwork, and it gave creeps to the fan, a view of what will hear. And this Digipack for is uncommon on Brazil (besides some others South American coutries are used to it).

The album is good as a whole, but you can have you best pieces of nightmares and madness on “Follow the Madness”, “Maligna”, the slower “Grito ao Silêncio”, and the Rock’n’Metal “First Songs”.

Fine band, and very good album, indeed!

4 Star Rating

1. The Factory
2. Follow the Madness
3. Maligna
4. Grito ao Silêncio
5. Le Monde Bizarre
6. I Am a Renegade
7. Matadores de Gigantes
8. Estação Paradoxo
9. First Song
10. Earthquake
Fillipe Alves – Bass, vocals
Diego Nobrega – Guitars
Vannucci Oliveira – Guitars
Jorge Augusto – Drums
Record Label: Microfonia


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