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Madrost - Into The Aquatic Sector

Into The Aquatic Sector
by Zakk Belkin at 29 September 2014, 10:04 PM

At first, when you hear the first song, you could have never guess that this band actually plays… Thrash Metal. As the second song comes in your face, it takes you a few seconds to gather yourself and understand what you are listening to; California's kings of Thrash are MADROST.

As I said before, the album starts with an acoustic intro that you could never have guessed that will lead into a great, punching Thrash Metal album. With great affort, they could give the album a continues feel that it is one big song that just goes and goes and never stops. However, I am very weak in this field of Metal, since I do not enjoy the Thrash Metal, as I enjoy other sides of the Metal. However, this album could really deliver me a feel of not yet another Thrash Metal band, and delivered something more - something more brutal, something different from angry lyrics and thrashing around. The songs that really amazed me were - "Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol", "Subterranean Nightmare", and the intro - "The Unknown". In the aspect you get from hearing the named songs , you can see that the guys of the band deliver intellect alongside the heavy music and many melodies alongside the blast beats and the heavy guitar lines. Tanner is a great vocalist that would definately not shame any of the eldest and pionners of the Thrash Metal, and this quatro of genious musicians could really deliver us a great album, which fits both the dedicated Thrashers - and other people that enjoy the Metal music as well.

Lastly, I can say I really enjoyed the album, and I would advice everyone to give this album a try.

3 Star Rating

1. The Unknown
2. Frozen Beneath the Snow
3. Universal Energy
4. Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol
5. The Oceanic Prelude
6. Subterranean Nightmare
7. Into the Aquatic Sector
8. Depravity
Tanner Poppitt - Vocals, Guitar
Alejandro Pelaez - Guitar
Richard Orellana - Bass
Cesar Escobar - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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