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Madrost - Lost Lives Vol. 1

Lost Lives Vol. 1
by Andrew Harvey at 06 November 2022, 3:27 AM

Death and thrash metal quartet known as MADROST have had a few releases now since their birth in 2007, also they had lineup changes. The one key member and founder of the band who has been there from the start is of course singer and guitarist TANNER POPPITT whereas the remaining members were on the album that I will go into more detail. As bands go like I said before, lineup changes have taken place, as this featured a lineup of JAKE DURBIN on guitar duties, THOMAS DAMGAARD on bass guitar and JOSH ALVES on the drums bashing those skins like mad. It should be noted also that this album was recorded 2 years after the band formed and had the members mentioned already aside from the singer/guitarist TANNER POPPITT whose part of the band even now, the others have been changed since then.

At the time this album was recorded the band had three demo’s in 2008 - 2010 and then came an EP titled INFECTED CHAOS in 2011. Then there were four studio albums released in 2012 - 2020 where two of them; INTO THE AQUATIC SECTOR and THE ESSENCE OF THE MATCHES both received high appraisal. Their debut album MALEFICENT of 2012 and fifth studio album CHARRING THE ROTTING EARTH may not have gone their way in terms of attracting an audience but maybe they needed time to rethink their approach and go again. But now their live album LOST LIVES VOL. 1 is ready to go and the lineup we know already of course as it was 2 years after the band was formed.

Title track into “Desecrator” comes in with smashing cymbal hits and thrashing drum fills also. Singer TANNER POPPITT is heard encouraging the crowd to get the most pit going and thrash elements are highlighted. Guitar is very much the focal point of the death metal influences and drums do contribute to this effort. “Aggressive Nihilism” has a drum improvisation movement and several cymbal hits before guitar shreds through the audio spectrum with vocals also in the mix. Drums and bass guitar can be appreciated for their musical direction in the tone being set for this track as guitar follows along picking notes, up and down in pitch. We also hear that low-mid range frequencies are clarified and that the higher notes come from vocals yet they don’t screech. “Crypt Keeper” is next with mellow guitar and experimental drums flowing smoothly then a complete change to the death and/or thrash metal sound we hear.

Again the singer is such a front man who wants the crowd to be entertained as guitar, bass and drums evolve and go absolutely nuts in that wild approach. Vocals are menacing and sadistic but not over the top, they allow other instrumentation to go forward. Drums and both bass and electric guitar create the transition into “Good Ol’ Fashioned Guitar Violence”as electric guitar ramps up the volume. Drums going along on a classic rock ‘n’ roll backbeat then features thrash infused accents to set the bar high for the track to stand out. The screech of the word ‘violence’ is loud and certainly a cold stab in the dark as drums dip down the volume to allow the other instruments to contribute. Guitar does take the lead narrative for when drums should slow down or speed up.

This track has that thrash ending as vocals point into the next track “Zombie Grinder” which also thunders down with vocals as the fist of almighty death and decay. The track is fast but halfway through the tempo is reduced as vocals shout the word ‘zombie’ very clearly. Again focus and clarity come from drums and guitar/bass as they run wild raising the tempo back to full on thrash assault. Finally the sixth track and finale “Under The Hammer” is the final frontier, no excuses now for the full band giving it socks and unleashing hell on earth with guitar/drums tearing through the audio spectrum. The hammer in the track title is very much the word for this band as heavy guitar/bass riffs, cunning vocals and top class drumming makes this track whole.

Ending on a high the album closes, overall it is a good album even with different members it does highlight the best MADROST can offer. The thrash element comes out more as death metal influences are there in the arrangement and tempo of each track. Great album and good to hear the live elements also as this is well restored from the year of 2009.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Desecrator
2. Aggressive Nihilism
3. Crypt Keeper
4. Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence
5. Zombie Grinder
6. Under The Hammer
Tanner Poppitt - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Jake Durbin - Electric Guitar
Thomas Damgaard - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Josh Alves - Drums
Record Label: Lost Wisdom Records


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