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Maerzfeld - Alles Anders Award winner

Alles Anders
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 23 February 2023, 1:09 PM

The subgenres of Industrial Metal and Industrial Rock seem to always have some hidden surprises, because the chaos unleashed by MINISTRY and NINE INCH NAILS in the late 80’s didn’t shown the genre as commercially accessible for a broader public, something that OOMPH! (the pioneers of the accessibility of the genre) and RAMMSTEIN proved to be possible. It’s obvious that such way, once opened, would open space to younger names, as the German act MAERZFELD, here with the band’s latest album, “Alles Anders”. For fans that aren’t into what they bring, it’s not extremely complicated to describe: a form of Industrial Metal and Neue Deutsche Härte (da derivative form of Industrial Metal that brings influences of many Metal genres). Their music is not as electronic as the other German acts listed above, but’s plenty of a care for bring excellent accessible melodies and hooking choruses, something different from the usual.

Let’s translate things in easier words: it’s a personal, charming and melodic form of Industrial Metal, inheriting a lot of influences of Hard Pop, Pop Rock and others; but always with a great care on the musical arrangements. For the fans, it’s another great release of the band, but for the ones that never heard about the sextet before, it’s an excellent opportunity to do so. “Alles Anders” was produced by MAERZFELD and Felix Heldt, and all was done to make things clean and defined, allowing all the accessible expressions of the band to be clearly understandable even for the illiterate on music. It allows them to express their ideas in hooking or aggressive moments. Such form of music isn’t complicated to understand, but’s easy to have a deeper vision of the band’s musical talent (and these guys are incredible talented, indeed).

All the songs are really amazing, but for a first time on the album, “Alles Anders” (excellent Industrial ambiences, with aggressive guitars entangling with charming and powerful keyboards, and what lovely chorus), “Wach Auf” (another impacting song, with clear contrasts between melodic and aggressive parts, but the work of bass guitar and drums on the rhythmic support is very good), “Bakkushan” (impossible to resist to its hypnotic Industrial Rock hooks, all inherited of Glam Metal and Hard Pop), “100 Auf 0” (another moment where the influences of Pop and Hard Rock are bounded together, and it’s an accessible song filled with charming contrasts presented on the vocals), “Ich Steige Auf” (the Radio Orientated Song of the album, or in other words, the right ones to catch a broader set of fans, and what lovely melodies again in the deep and melancholic appeal of the melodies), “Keinen Sinn” and “Hübschler:In” (two aggressive songs, nearer of the original appeal of Industrial Metal, but always with a strong melodic sense), and “Plötzlich Tut Es Weh” are the right ones. On the second time, you’ll be addicted to the band’s music for sure.

“Alles Anders” is really a great album, and a fine opportunity to know MAERZFELD’s work. And don’t be deceived, for the band has courage enough to try things that aren’t as common as some can think…

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Alles Anders
2. Wach Auf
3. Bakkushan
4. Ich Bin Der Tod
5. 100 Auf 0
6. Ich Steige Auf
7. Keinen Sinn
8. Schönen Weltuntergang
9. Hübschler:In
10. Plötzlich Tut Es Weh
11. Lange Nicht
Heli Reißenweber - Vocals
Mike Sitzmann - Guitars
Jochen Windisch - Guitars
Ron Huber - Keyboards
Bernd Körber - Bass
Michael Frischbier - Drums
Record Label: Metalville


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