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Maestitium - Tale of the Endless Award winner

Tale of the Endless
by Laura Glover at 09 February 2021, 6:40 AM

MAESTITIUM is a studio project created and conceptualized by vocalist and composer, Elias Vestrin, in 2019. While attending a music production course at Hola Folkhogskola near Kramfors, Sweden, it was decided that Elias’ school project would be to create and EP, and thusly needed a name to perform under. It was Elias’ dream to create an EP since his early teen years, and once he founded his band, he had to find players. After much searching he luckily ran across studio musicians, Nils Dominator Fjellstrom on drums, and Anton Flodin on Bass. “Tale Of The Endless”, the masterpiece that was the culmination of the magic of the coming together of the three musicians was released on February 5, 2021. Elias’ draws inspiration from bands such as INSOMNIUM, SENTENCED, WINTERSPUN, HINAYANA, and WOLFHEART. Although I hear parts of the EP that remind me somewhat vocally of Xenoyr from NE OBLIVISCARIS as well.

The Undying Travail” - One minute and forty-nine seconds of instrumental melodic beauty. This is a powerful introduction song. A good intro song sets the stage for the rest of the EP or album to come. This one is swelling with emotion and doom, heart aching loneliness. “The Morning Star” - The vocals come in hot and strong, absolutely no clean vocals here. Scathing guitar riffs, and drum beats that get your heart racing. At about two minutes and forty-five seconds in the song is an incredible instrumental piece, whose melodic side truly capture you. Clearly, Elias’ vocals are the star of this show. Although I am hard pressed to say that as the studio musicians have a lot to add here as well.

Song of the Freezing Wind” - This is the song that reminded me a little of NE OBLIVISCARIS style. Beautiful rising and falling tones, melodic guitar riffs that captivate you emotionally. The title of this song alone is poignant, and poetic. The vocals are so emotionally deep, and I can’t quite tell if there is a backup singer in this one or a switch of vocal styles but just past the halfway mark is an inclusion of some cleaner vocals. Which adds to the sad aura of the song entirely. “Tale of the Endless” -  Nils on drums really shines in the opening of this song. Taken over only by the keyboards beauty that follow. Shortly to have your face entirely melted off by Elias’ immense vocals prowess. Full bodied, raging, brutal, and capable of leading us emotionally on a journey.

All in all, “Tale Of The Endless” did not disappoint. Elias’ careful cultivation of musicians to create with ultimately gave way to an EP worth listening to. I love how harsh most of it is, yet once in awhile there’s this soft piece of music or vocals that make you pause and think “ohhhhhhh….that was SO pretty”.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Undying Travail
2. Morning Star
3. Song of the Freezing Wind
4. Tale Of The Endless
Elias Vestrin – Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Arrangements
Nils Dominator Fjellstrom – Studio Musician, Drums
Anton Flodin – Studio Musician, Bass
Record Label: Black Lion Records


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