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Maestro - Aakäse

by Andrew Harvey at 19 November 2021, 1:36 AM

MAESTRO are a progressive rock band from Germany, they have been around for a few years now releasing two full length albums in 2015 and 2017. Their debut album was titled ASKESE released in 2015 and then their second album was also released in 2017 titled MSS. Their first album MSS is very much focused on the electronic, trip hop and ambient soundscape. The beats we can only assume were programmed accompanied by interesting yet catchy rhythms almost reminds me of RADIOHEAD’S album from 2007 titled IN RAINBOWS.

But then the second album ASKESE does change more to an indie rock or alternative take with more of an instrumental arrangement of guitar, bass, synth and drums. Now the band are back once more with a brand new album titled AAKÄSE perhaps a sequel to their second album sharing a similar title (with spelling). Introducing the album is “Birds” and yes of course there are the sounds of birds tweeting in the background. Then there is a sort of catchy guitar and drum collaboration to settle us into the album.

The second track “Dundeli” follows on with a more high end guitar hook, one after another but they sound nice and sparse too. Drums merely play along, filling the space in between and carrying the rhythm of this track. The progressive side appears here and the correlation between guitar & drums is pretty nifty. “Adventure” again follows the main guitar riffs of indie rock and drums follow suit, producing some fine rhythms and fills that sit well in the mix. Drums do also embellish more so this time around.

“Road To Rock” brings a more pop punk sort of vibe and faster rhythms with jabbing guitar peaks, drums also speedy. But then later on this longer track, the sound takes a change in style almost doubling with guitar, maybe a reverb effect perhaps. Full of surprises and experimental influences too. “Sleepwalker” certainly has a more pop rock feel with progressive drum back beats too. The more mellow guitar passages are warm and ambient with drums sneaking in conjunction before speeding up more, guitar solos are wild too.

“Fly” is a short but ambient track with more subtle drums and  guitar melody leading through to the next track. “The Trip” has more style and with its arrangement of guitar and drums, more of a constant hammer down with accented notes as well. The rhythm and sound varies between the ambience of track six and the more progressive sound. Also keyboard or synth makes a nice contribution. “The Cave” is a long but daring sound palette of sound effects and programmed noise effects.

All quiet until a swirling effect but then it’s almost non-responsive, into the next track. “The Ritual” opens with guitar and sounds of an eagle or a hawk before a simple straight forward rhythm on drums more like a percussive section. Quite rhythmic and moving, almost like a dance to the beat. The guitar works well with drums switching the narrative before the final track. “Aakäse” is quite a finish with an indie rock guitar sound more riveting, drums dropping cymbal hits here and there.

Becomes more decorative and ambient again halfway through with glittering guitar before drums leads the guitar back in. Dynamics shows through and progressive is back with a bang. A crescendo builds with drums and guitar before a more mellow part of guitar sliding and playing subtle notes. The curtain closes and safe to say this album is very interesting yet surprising, and has its moments for styles of progressive, psychedelic or ambient soundscape. A very well produced album and the concept too behind it is very intriguing to say the least.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

Purchase Link:

3 Star Rating

1. Birds
2. Dudeldi
3. Adventure
4. Road To Rock
5. Sleepwalker
6. Fly
7. The Trip
8. The Cave
9. The Ritual
10. Aakäse
Record Label: Independent


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