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Magefa – Exenteration

by Thomas Kumke at 05 May 2021, 3:14 PM

MAGEFA was formed in 2015 and they are from Frankfurt, Germany. Before 2015, the band was active as DEVILS WRATH. They are a traditional Death Metal band and so far they released one demo and now the second EP. The word magefa is Hebrew and stands for pandemic of a disease spread in a large region. “Exenteration” is an independent release and has a length of almost 22 minutes.

MAGEFA deliver a Death Metal EP that reminds often on traditional US Death Metal bands, a bit mixed with British inspiration. After the opener “Impressions Of Dying” – which is an intro including the sound of a life support machine ­ it starts then with “Instrument Inside”, one of the faster and more aggressive songs on the EP. “Instrument Inside” has a catchy rhythm with aggressive guitar riffing, driving drums with a lot of double-bass, and a very well contributing lead guitar solo. The tempo is a bit faster than mid-tempo for most of the track and the growling vocals range from the low to the medium end of the gutturals with occasional screams. “ECMO” is a bit different than “Instrument Inside” with more complex textures and distorted rhythm. The guitar riffs are a bit chopped off at times. The drum contribution is here again driven by the relentless double-bass drumming. The vocals and also the sound seem to be occasionally inspired by CARCASS which is a good thing.

The title song is kept partially in slow tempo with dark and heavy guitar riffing. The middle part of the song contains a few highly paced breaks, interrupted by short down-tempo breaks with some crunching bass lines. “Abdominal Section” has a lot of groovy parts for a change, but it is the shortest track on the EP. The song has also been released on YouTube as lyric video and the link is given below.

War Paradise” is one of the more aggressive songs, driven forward by the hammering drums of Kai. The growling vocals are predominantly at the low end of the range which gives the song an extra portion of evilness. The lead guitar solo is worth mentioning here since it nicely contributes to the dark atmosphere. “Cloud Nine” is surely becoming a fan favorite: catchy and head-banging rhythms and guitar riffing for large part of the track, some up-tempo breaks during the middle section, and the vocals are a bit more variable including a few screams.

Exenteration” is a good old school Death Metal EP without a great deal of experimentation. MAGEFA create a Death Metal sound that is straight forward and they stick to their guns and inspirations. They do not reinvent the wheel, but their songs have still some diversity which makes the EP interesting to listen to. The production of “Exenteration” is okay but I would expect some improvements in future releases. MAGEFA prove their potential especially in songwriting and show that they are more than ready for a full-length debut, so Death Metal fans may have something to look forward to in the future.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Impressions Of Dying
2. Instrument Inside
4. Exenteration
5. Abdominal Section
6. War Paradise
7. Cloud Nine
Kevin – Vocals, Guitars
Kai – Drums
Thorsten – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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